Accountability 1.1

Synopsis                                                                                                         Acc 1.2

Hello and thank you for choosing to read Fuzion Life. This serial starts a little suddenly so for context its suggested you read the (rather short) synopsis. -KnightSavant

Robbie panted heavily, leaning against the wall in front of him. He needed to go. NOW.

Crashing into the alley came four young men aged in their twenties, dressed in top of the line black striped suits. “Damnit Robbie! Just wait!” they gasped. As if he had been waiting for their signal Robbie bolted, scattering trash as he fled.

“I can’t do it! I can’t marry that bitch!” Only one of the groomsmen managed to keep pace with Robbie, it was his best friend Jason.

“Come on Robbie,” Jason panted, “She didn’t realize what Fuzion meant to you! We can start over again! You were getting lost on your path anyway… maybe with a new start you can find something better.” They exited the labyrinth of alleys and burst into downtown

“I just ca….”


Blackness greeted me as I came to. All of my nerves were on fire like someone had beaten me to within an inch of my life, but I managed to sit up; I grit my teeth through the pain. As I rubbed away at my eyes, my vision slowly returned to me, as a sea of browns and yellows coalesced into houses made of mud and straw. A group of people  who stood a distance away gave me wry glances and chuckled to themselves. I looked down at my hands and saw the healthy tanned look, and the lack of rash from my too tight engagement ring. That shitty little band cost me a month’s pay and never did fit right. I frowned and tried to remember; how the hell did I end up in Fuzion? I don’t even have an avatar right now; Emma took care of that. “Status” I muttered without exhaling or moving any obvious portions of my mouth. This is a technique known as sub-vocalization and the base requirement for  chant-less casting, a powerful tool in any higher level mage’s bag of tricks.

Robbie Lv 1

Where the hell did the fame come from? A hundred fame isn’t something to write off, since most early quests only award 3 or 4. For that matter, what was this class Unknown business? You shouldn’t be able to materialize before finishing character creation. Too many questions, and every answer I got seemed to raise a few more. System menu, Log Out I sub-vocalized.

Error Message2

Error Message3

Oh crap.

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  1. Those stat tables and system message tables look meticulous to draw up. Maybe look into a coding alternative?


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