Accountability 1.2

Acc 1.1                                                                                                           Acc 1.3

A sinking feeling of despair filled me as I realized the ramifications of that message. It shouldn’t be possible. As a requirememt for the Koffins to be sold the UN forced several concessions which would limit its potential harm. That included cell tower access so that warnings could be passed on to police and first responders, tamper-proof circuits which would insure the systems’ fidelity, and an emergency mechanical shut off switch which monitored the individual inside. Upon losing consciousness it should automatically sever connection to the Koffin. For someone or something to bypass those safety precautions is simply inconceivable. It’s something that’s never happened, and the Koffin has upheld this reputation for over thirty years.

I’m from the advancer generation, so I’ve never known a life without the Koffin, I know I’m in no immediate danger as I’ve had a nutrient hatch installed in my stomach for a direct connection, but… well all of this was alarming to say the least. Breathing in slowly I attempted to contact a gm.

Error Message

Oh thank god. It must just be a communication error between his koffin and the administrative server. The police should arrive any moment to release me. After all one safety feature failing is already nearly impossible. But two?

With that conclusion the tension drained from me; and I began to relax. It would be a shame to let this opportunity to try out what may be the only unknown class just pass me by. After all, this is the sort of thing sense-dramas are made of.

I Grinned as I opened up my character menu while I walked toward the group. I tried to contain my excitement about what skills I might have available to work with, the base classes start with 6 or 7, but who knows with this one.

What the hell is this!? Not a single one is usable, this isn’t an unknown class, its’ a god damn dropped one!

Calming myself I greeted the people in front of me. Everyone froze as I walked up to them “Can one of you please contact the GM for me. My Koffin seems to be malfunctioning, I can’t contact him or log out.”

A young girl in a gentle green dress cut just above her ankles answered me. Her blonde hair tied into a ponytail bounced with her energy. “I knew it! You’re an adventurer! I told them you were special! I don’t know what your Koffin is, but mama might. Do you want to meet her?” The young girl asked.

Sounds like a quest to me. “Sure I do.” I said with a large fake smile plastered across my face. No use turning down experience while I wait. The system should have started to sort through the message already, and it will contact the necessary individuals for me to get this situation under control. I’m led past the group who gawk at me; seemingly they must have had difficulty resolving my many mysterious parameters, no matter how advanced the npc, it isn’t a real AI after all.

We entered one of the adobe houses I noticed earlier and the little girl led me to a room near the back of the simple house. As she opened the room I saw that it was bare except for a small dresser and bed. I stepped back; slightly uncomfortable. “Here.” The young girl said after she rooted around in the dresser for a moment. She pulled out a large dagger that looked pitted from use. “You’ll need this to get to her.”


Accept Decline

I bit my lip as I clicked accept. None of this was making any sense, but I don’t dislike it. Pushing boundaries was what Fuzion was all about.

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