Acountability 1.3

Acc 1.2                                                                                              Acc 1.4

“So why will I need a dagger little one?’
“Because mama was taken by the bad men with furry faces;” I wince, it sounds like gnolls, the weakest are a minimum of level 13. “and I’m not little! Mama said I was a big girl now and not to cry. My name is Flora.” I almost take a step back, surprised by the npc’s forcefullness.

“I’ve got to go prepare, goodbye Flora” I smile at her; thinking that it never hurts to be a little cordial. She tugs at my pants as I turn around to leave.

“Thank you”

I wave to her as I leave the room and inspect the dagger.


I grin despite myself. It has been awhile since I’ve engaged in close combat with anything. My previous incarnation was a geomancer who specialized in manipulating the terrain into impassable barriers and hazards. Whistling I approach the group of npc villagers again.

“Hello again. I don’t suppose you have need for a hunter.”

“a Hunter yes, but not a drunk like you.” Spits a burly villager with a squashed flat nose. ” You’re scum for giving a sweet little girl like Flora false hope.”

I bristle at that. “Listen here I’m an adventurer…”

“Adventurer, bah everyone knows they dissapear when they sleep, but you just laid there for almost a day you drunk bastard.” Shocked by his boldness I stand there speechless. “Now get out of here before I throw you to the wolves at night.”

I leave the village in low spirits. If no one will acknowledge me as an adventurer I’ll be stuck wearing this beginners tunic for way too long.

The only way for me to get around this is to either save enough money from hunting monsters so that I can purchase some new armor from the next town over, or for me to make it myself.

I make my decision based on the first monster I see. It’s a Snow White wolf. It’s sleek coat has a single long since healed. I’m not strong enough to slay it now, but I will be soon enough. I back track closer to the village in search of easier prey.

Eventually I spot a hare basking in the sun. I equip the pitted dagger and take a deep breath. As i attempt to creep closer I startle it; I’m far louder then I realize, probably due to the lack of muffling from the geomancy i usually rely on and the heavy thud from my beginner boots.

I lunge at the hare and it’s eyes sparkle as it dodges with a hop to the right. I carry past the rabbit and pain blossoms in my side while 7 hp shaves off my healthbar. Clutching the pitted dagger a little harder, I finish turning around in a crouched position; leg sweeping in a semi circle.

I stab at the hare and feel my weapon connect leaving a deep red gash in its side. A glowing red 4 appears in the corner of my vision.

Last Resort

The hare tries to bite me but I grab its back and stab it again. This time through the neck. It criticals for 10 damage and the rabbit dies.

I start to skin it with the knife; badly botching the edges. By the time I finish I gain a new skill.


Looks like this will take awhile….

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4 thoughts on “Acountability 1.3

  1. Sorry, but this chapter needs a *lot* of editing. Here’s just a few examples:

    1st para at end: replace ‘ with ” and add a blank line.

    2nd para:
    “Because mama …”

    “.. with furry faces;”

    >>I wince, it sounds like gnolls, the weakest are a minimum of level 13. <>I almost take a step back, <>surprised by the npc’s <>forcefullness<>I smile at her; thinking <<
    Replace ; with ,

    You get the idea.

    Please rework and keep writing!! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Setting aside where words aren’t capitalized correctly, I’ve got another typo that was very jarring for me.

      “It’s sleek coat has a single long since healed.”

      A single what? I’m assuming you mean slash, gash, mark, or scar.

      Other then that awesome concept thus far, nice job making it so high on Top web fiction.


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