Accountability 1.4

Acc 1.3                                                                                                    Acc 1.5

After gathering a dozen more hides I  take them out of my inventory and slowly scrape them clean. I then wash the hides in a nearby creek to remove the last vestiges of gore from them before I start the drying process. I had hoped that I would have generated the tanning skill by now, as without it they could take up to a week to dry, but that’s just another bad stroke of luck. Sighing I gather fallen branches and cook the rabbits themselves on a freshly built fire.

Using my knife to first cut the rabbits in half; I then spear the halves and roast them over the fire one at a time. After what seems like an acceptable period of time has passed I take them off and lay them in a pile on a large rock. They end up a bit charred, but I never learned how to cook so that’s not surprising. I just hope they end up being edible.

I nibble on one piece and grimace. It was edible… barely; like a dish from a very shady restaurant.

I continued to eat everything I could. What remained I left in a pile about 30 feet south of my campfire. I use this to bait my trap for the night.

The lv 3 wolves never stood a chance. Lured by the scent of the cooked hare four wolves emerged from the depths of the forest, baring their teeth at me as they approached. For my part I didn’t have to act afraid; I was terrified.

I’ve done this before but never without geomancy. This was practically luck and blind hope that the trap doesn’t go off while I’m still within range.

I slowly back up the hill. Ceding the meat to the wolves; who, at this point in time, seem content to leave me alone while they reap the benefits of my labor.

Smiling wickedly now; I reach out toward a giant pile of rocks held in place by a great log and take out long sticks stabbed into the ground in front of it. Using one of the larger ones to pry the log up it starts to tumble down the hill, followed closely by the rocks it had been holding back. The wolves quickly disappeared under the onslaught as I was struck by several messages.



level up


Fuzion Accessible

“And here is where the game begins!” I scream in ecstasy. I go into my skill menu and select the fusion icon. My skills all begin to glow and I evaluate my options. I was going to combine [Education] with skinning in the hopes of getting tanning, but the new skills intrigue me. I’ve never seen retreat before, as it requires agility to be one of the highest stats, and as a result is normally restricted to primarily rogue characters.

On a whimsy I select adventuring and retreat. It feels interesting since I’m sure no one generally bothers to focus on fleeing, when the penalty for death is just a forced log out and an exp penalty. I receive a prompt asking me if I’m sure. I hesitate for a few moments before I select yes. You only get the chance to fuse a skill every other level so this will have a huge impact on how I develop in this game and despite myself I start grinning. How interesting.

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One thought on “Accountability 1.4

  1. Typo Thread

    “Increases the speed at which moves while retreating from the enemy.”

    At which what moves? “…which one…” or “…which you…” would be good here if I don’t mistake your intent with this skill.

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