Accountability 1.5

Acc 1.4                                                                     Acc 1.6

Gold mine! This is just what I was looking for. I’ve never heard of the teleport skill tree, but I can already imagine the possibilities. Gleefully I shout “Teleport!” at the top of my lungs, activating the imprinting sequence.  I feel fire forcing its way through my veins, looking at my arms, I see it burns blue, and is going against the flow of blood. In blissful agony I feel myself torn in half by the fire forcing its way out of my body and all of a sudden I’m a foot away, still coated in blue fire. Laughing weakly I fall to the ground; listless as the flame burns out. This was one of the worst imprintings I’ve ever heard of; most are generally harmless, but I’m not really that surprised considering the rarity of the skill and the possibilities this it holds.

Since the release of VR any world that has had paranormal effects has also had a limited Artificial Intelligence to help refine the data packets. Naturally in the case of [Skills] this means that every time a human being obtains one the ease of knowledge assimilation and the ability to use it improves. It is successively easier each time to the point where most skill imprinting is hardly even noticeable now due to the AI’s constant refinements. This was actually the first time I’ve ever even felt it.

Blinking away my tears I reach forward toward the stars and clench my fist. This was going to be a good run. Maybe the reset hadn’t been a complete loss I thought with a pang.


When  Robbie was twenty he had  already lived as much as men thrice his age. Being an Advancer meant that he lived the majority of his life in constant virtual reality, where the Artificial Intelligences taught him everything he needed to know about the world, it’s state, and his place in it.

PEAT or Primary Education Assistance Teacher was a standardized  educational AI which insured this process went well for Advancer children.  Peat took the form of a small animal unique to each child. Gone were the days of overstuffed classrooms with overtaxed teachers, and instead each child felt they had one on one tutorship, as they were unable to see or interact with other childrens PEAT module. Many of the PEAT lessons were conducted in common VR games; for the children in Robbie’s group the game their PEATs favored most was Fuzion. It had an emphasis on the creation of unique skills and items through a special fusion process. You gained the chance to fuse something every other level and the possibilities were endless with the AI adapting to the user if needed.

They were being educated to become engineers, programmers, or inventors, and while they were not forced to be employed in those fields upon reaching their 21st birthday and graduating nearly no one refused, as they had been chosen to take these courses due to their aptitude and personalities. Who wouldn’t want to do something they excel in.

The true beauty in the system; aside from this, was that as they grew in knowledge, identity, and understanding PEATs took a more and more background role. This trend continued until their 21st birthday when they finally just; disappear.

I smile while thinking back about those days. How small those troubles seem now.

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