Accountability 1.7

Acc 1.6                                                                                                            Acc 1.8
I wake up a little cold and sore from sleeping outdoors in the forest. It’s a little perturbing to realize that I actually had been sleeping in VR. It seemed… unnatural.

I stretch out while under the furs, once again readjusting to my new body.

Once I’m confident I’m not going to hurt myself I stand up and gather the leathers and furs from where I was sleeping. It was rather late in the morning.

That of course explains why the fire is currently nothing but cinders, I’m lucky nothing came for me while I was sleeping, but I really didn’t have any other option. I’m just glad I took my survival training seriously and had enough wherewithal to hunt the nearby predators while using the fire to keep any newcomers at bay. The idea of being attacked while unconcious…. just makes me shiver.

I concentrate and see an inventory window appear, I put all of the furs and pelts inside, as well as the carcasses of the four wolves. I sigh seeing the scant 20 slots available to me. I need to get some basic luggage to increase it if this was going to work. Dusting myself off I stop delaying and head back toward the town I woke up in yesterday.

As I head into the town I see a sign, apparently this place was called Thornton. Stopping at the entrance I take a good look and try to picture where exactly I’ve been, and not just what I’ve been doing. I see a lush forest to the west where I just came from, to the north and south there is a road heading to god only knows where, and to the east is a large pristine lake so filled with fish I can see schools from the village entrance, nearly a half mile away.

The village itself has straw roofs and mud houses, the road is made of relatively well traveled dirt and the people look to be of germanic descent, with fair hair and skin. No wonder I was shunned, on top of making a bad first impression I was also a stranger in their minds, with my dark hair and deeply tanned skin. I didn’t cut that imposing a figure at least, I seemed to be around the same height as most of the women so hopefully they’ll accept doing business with me after getting a better impression of me.

Stepping forward I speak to the first villager I see, a tall man with blonde hair and a chest built like a barrel. “Where can I sell some wolves I’ve killed?”

He looks me up and down then snorts. “Burke doesn’t like old game it better be fresh.” He points to a wide, low building offset from the rest of the village. “Take it there.” He then walks past me toward the woods I came from. He’s carrying a large single headed axe that seemingly weighs nothing to him.

I head off to the building he indicated and see a sign hanging from it, it reads McBain’s. Going inside I see various monsters strung from the ceiling by their feet. The deer, rabbits, and wolves from the forest I slept in intermingled with a few more wild creatures such as a jackeroo, a kangaroo mixed with a rabbit to name a few. Despite the variety it appears… well rather light. “Hello” I shout toward the back of the building, hoping to get a response. Shortly thereafter a thin man in an apron approaches me from the back of the shop holding a large cleaver. ” ‘ow can I help ye’?”

“I have some wolves whose meat I want to sell. I’m tanning the pelts, but I can’t eat that much food.”

“Well trut’ be told we are a bit light in the meat depar’ment, do I can offer you fair price for your troubles. Our other hunter… well he set out on a fools errand to rescue some lass. I don’t have hope he’ll come back.” He pauses “With that said how can I bribe you to stay around for a wee bit.”

I smile. “Well….”

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