Accountability 1.8

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I left the village in high spirits. For my troubles i now had a secondhand set of needles and shears in addition to a skinning knife. It was much smaller than my own dagger, but also a far sight sharper. This should greatly expedite the process, allowing me to do far more today with the limited time I had available.

I hunt rabbits on my way back to the campsite. By the time I arrive I’ve gained 16 skins and my [Last Resort] skill finally reached level two. The bonus increased from 10 percent to 15. Thats pretty useful, although if my weapon breaks ill really be quite screwed. I sigh as i glance at my dagger. I need a better weapon, but It will take awhile to save up that kind of money.

I clean and scrape the pelts like before, this time making all of them into hides. I dry and tan them using their brains again and leave them to grow tougher.

Its about time I try to take on the wolves again. This time without traps. I stretch and head deeper into the forest. Before too terribly long I come to the stream and cross over it. It’s wider here at the mouth, more of a calm, wide river almost 20 feet across. Instead of wading through it I take a running jump, and at the apex of my jump i teleport up away from the river. I expected it, but its still really cool, almost like flying.

After what feels like an impossible amount of time in the air I crash onto the other side of the river and just start laughing while tumbling. This was so much fun. My health has been drastically hit, Im below 15, i don’t know what happens when I die like this, but somehow I just dont care. Why is it I feel more at home here, than in reality. So what if the world out there is crippled by ice. So what if the fossil fuels are running out. So what if the radiation was spreading with the increasing wind force. The old world was dying, but this. This world right here, this was alive. Too bad it had to end eventually.

Standing up I start trekking forward. There should be far more wolves here, deeper in the forest.

Before long I come across a lone wolf, it looks like its limping so it must already be injured. It notices me before i can even begin to approach so I burst into action. right now I have to kill it before it can flee. I teleport, knowing i only get one shot at this, and thrust at the wolf’s eyes. He leans his head down and my dagger misses him, he then crashes into me with his shoulder and we both go down to the ground. The leaves crackle underneath as he snarls and clamps his teeth at me, but i manage to get a leg underneath him and kick the wolf away. He yelps as he hits the ground. He turns to me baring his teeth and growls, back end on the ground. This was the end, but somehow it feels hollow. Unsatisfied i turn around and leave. “Good luck wolf. Maybe we’ll pmeet again. I leave him and search for more ethical prey.

Soon I come to a clearing. There are two wolves eating a rabbit. They dont notice me as I creep closer until Im quite close, the wind is blowing toward me, masking my scent. I once again draw my dagger, gripping it tight as i make a break for it.I rush directly at the wolf then teleport behind him, I grab his neck and stab 4 times. With each stab the wolf struggles a little less until he just stops moving. I feel teeth bite into my left leg as a large chunk of my hp dissapeared.

We fight briefly, but the other wolf is no match for me, as my dagger finds its vulnerable folds repeatedly. I skin them both and deposit the carcass into my inventory. This was going to be a long hunt.

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3 thoughts on “Accountability 1.8

  1. Hi. Just started reading today. I’m enjoying it – reminds me a bit of 1/2 Prince, a Korean manwa I read a while back. Anyway, I thought I’d chime in on this post because I noticed some typos – more than I had on previous chapters. Here they are if you want to fix them.

    “Good luck wolf. Maybe we’ll pmeet again. — pmeet, and missing quote at end.
    Unsatisfied i turn — I
    tight as i make a — I

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