Accountability 1.9

Acc 1.8                   Acc 1.10

I fall to the ground, exhausted. The corpses of three more wolves lay before me, on the ground. Killing these wolves was no easy task, but I needed at least twelve before noon if I wanted to try out my new idea. I was going to purchase a spear. It really feels like the ideal weapon for someone with a teleport ability as it turns an already daunting reach into an impossible to comprehend threat zone, and with quick thrusts there shouldnt be any gap in its offensive capabilities. Truly the weapon of choice for a highly mobile warrior.

I put the wolf corpses into my inventory and move on. Next i come across another pair laying in the brush humping. I hate to do this, but time is money. I quickly dash toward them, holding my dagger low to my side. I swing at the males neck, but he dismounts suddenly and growls at me. I take a step back and widen my stance as the wolves advance.

They rush me together but my years of training in virtual combat save me as i leap back, away from where they converged. I receive a message that my beginners clothes have broken. Im not surprised with the various rips and holes in them, but its still inconvenient. My new clothes wouldn’t be ready for awhile yet, which makes this all the harder. For a second i think about fleeing, but i know it’s all at once futile, unecessary, and likely to turn out disastrous for me.

The urge passes just as swiftly as it came. I can’t afford to placate myself, i still didn’t know what would happen if i was forcibly disconnected after death when i was unable to even manually disconnect . Likely it would not be pleasant.

After i dodge i use teleport to rapidly close the distance. As my clothes dissolve into particles I aim at their eyes and manage a brutal stab which instantly takes one wolf out of the picture as it rolls on the ground in pain. I was quite used to combat this close to the monsters now.

Teleport levels and I gain an extra foot in range. The mana consumption stays consistent at 25 per foot, but due to my limited mana i cant use the improved range. The battle takes awhile due to my excessive caution, i mainly dodge and deflect while waiting for my mana to regenerate enough to use teleport. I still end up taking quite a few wounds which slowly drain my hp until they’re healed.

Once my mana is full i cast teleport twice in quick succession, a half foot each time. With my first teleport i come within striking range of the wolf that is still standing and my blade sinks deep into its neck, it staggers as it begins to bleed heavily and I appear above the other one. I quickly stab it, but not before its teeth takes a healthy chunk out of my hp. Im down to less than 10% health, but I’m still doing better than the wolf who ceases all movement. The other wolf quickly falls as well, as i keep my distance and wait for the bleed effect to run its course. My own bleeding stops far before then, stabilizing me at just 9 hp. The monster dies before it can reach me.

Ding! I reach level 3 and am surprised to see the growth.
Note from KnightSavant (the writer): Sorry for the delay, i needed some time to truly map out where the story was going, and my new puppy just started teething a month early so those reasons combined made it quite difficult to make my deadline. From now on you can expect regular updates! I promise.

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2 thoughts on “Accountability 1.9

  1. Typo report:
    I swing at the males — should be male’s with an apostrophe.
    Im not — I’m with an apostrophe
    I also noticed a lot of lower-case i uses. You might consider doing a find/replace and turn -i- into -I-.

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