Accountability 1.10

Acc 1.9                               Acc 1.11


Surprisingly my intelligence gain outpaced everything else. I had thought with my crafting and continuous hunting with a dagger it would have been dexterity for sure.

With newfound confidence i sit down and take out the wolf hides I had made earlier. Carefully sizing myself i cut out slightly large front and back panels, and sew them together along the sides. The result is a crude vest, which hopefully should help protect me.

I repeat the process with a skirt. Mobile leather pants are beyond me right now, so this will have to do. In the end the skirt comes out to look a lot like a kilt so I’m proud of myself, as I imagine that I look quite dashing with my black hair, muscular but short build, and tanned skin.

No one says you can’t look good and be thrifty. Smiling i put the scraps to work making pauldrons, as well as basic arm-guards. Hours pass quickly, and I’m interrupted several times by respawning or wandering wolves. It is far easier with the armor and increased intelligence to fight them, as i can use less caution. By the 4th hour I had spent crafting I more than surpassed my quota, bagging a massive 22 wolves. Unfortunately now that I’m the same level as them i no longer receive double the experience, which greatly slows down my leveling progress. Skinning levels again however as i separate the pelts from the meat.

Whistling i start my progress back to town. Once there I go to the butchers. I knock loudly on the door leading inside. “Hey wake up! I’ve got food.” After several minutes pass eventually the door opens and out steps the butcher.

He ushers me inside to talk business and we finally settle on a price of 50 copper per skinned wolf with a bonus for rarer monsters. As i leave the shop i feel great.I have thirteen silver in my pocket. With this I can afford a spear.

After shopping I settle on an older, more used, and sturdy one for 10 silver, it leaves a fair amount to be desired, but it’s serviceable and later it will save me from having to get a spare by being too stingy.

With the remaining silver in hand I approach a stranger and ask him where the cheapest inn is. He points me to the lucky night inn where i can rent a room for just 10 copper.

Once there i pay, unpack, and  relax while eating the provided meal.

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