Adjustment 2.4

Adj 2.3                          Adj 2.5
Sweat pours down my face and hits the ground in a rhythmic drip. A huge grin is plastered across  my face again. It’s such an immense feeling of dejavu that I break down into laughter.

I truly missed this sense of discovery and innovation. For once I’m  glad my avatar was deleted. I check my status to see how my actions were evaluated in high spirits. It would be good if my strength and intellect were highly rated, if my strength didn’t  raise soon I would be in trouble against more armored monsters.


I’m  not particularly surprised,  but I am disappointed to see the small gain in strength.  I haven’t really been relying on it.  The intelligence increase was welcome however. This would greatly expand my combat options, especially when I manage to learn some combat spells.

I backtrack through the battleground and loot five of the antlions while retrieving my spear and traps. The other two antlions had their acid sacks punctured and were not salvageable.

Without taking a running start I jump across the river toward town, this time using my expanded mana pool to teleport a full two feet from the ground. As I do I see a new system message appear.


Yes! Most magical classes begin with Magical Affinity, this just leaves me a single skill from being on par with starting wizards when  it comes to pure magic. [Magical Might] is the last skill I need, however I have no idea how I could try to generate it with anything less than sheer chance. In a good mood I land on the other side, bracing myself against the impact with my right arm in addition to my feet.

Opening up my fusion menu I decide to use the most reliable skill that I started with. [Effort] Clearly stated that it improved the quality of any skill sent through fusion with it, and I was willing to take the small chance that something would go wrong. Easy come, easy go you know?  I place [Magical Affinity] in the remaining slot and activate fusion.

Bright flashes come from the fusion menu floating in front of me. They slowly gained in speed until in a blinding white light a new window is revealed.


Haha! What was up with these skills! This class was extremely slow to start with but it feels like it will quickly become overwhelming given some time.  Those five meta skills in the begining really weren’t  anything to scoff at! The mana regeneration rate alone makes this an amazing skill. 14 wisdom would normally grant me 28 mana per minute, as all utility stats start to scale harder past level 20. Until then wisdom only grants twice the stat in regeneration. Triple that is  84 mana per minute, or 1.4 mana per second. In real terms that is equivalent to a wizard with around 20 wisdom. With my mana similarly boosted, giving me 125 mana this leads to a situation where my war potential is deceptively high. I need to learn an offensive spell. Now.

I race back to town, using teleport to help me clear many obstacles. Instead of taking a normal route, I ended up almost going in a straight line, teleporting through smaller trees, rather than walking around them. This made a surprisingly large impact on my travel speed despite it’s seemingly inconsequential wend result.

Along the way I ambush two wolves and quickly dispatch them. They’re instantly overwhelmed by the pressure of facing a foe that couldn’t be pinned down. I receive very poor experience for their deaths, but they will at least fetch a good price at the butchers.

The sun is just begining to set as I arrive in Thornton. It feels like I’ve accomplished a lot, having managed to win in a fight with powerful monsters above my level. Each of the Antlions were level six, making that a dangerous fight even for combat ready adventurers. I’m really lucky the trap worked.

I stop by the butcher’s first, taking out the wolves and ants, which I quickly skin. I ruin one of the carapaces, slicing it to shreds, but gain the hang of it, and take the other four with relatively no trouble.

Pocketing some nice money, albeit far less than if I had been hunting wolves, I head to inn where I see Ivan. We joke around for a bit, eat, and tell tales around some ale until I retire for the night. Oh what will tomorrow bring?

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