Adjustment 2.7

Adj 2.6               Adj 2.8

I rapidly fire off fireballs, using massive surges in mana. If it weren’t for [Magical Talent] I would have ran out of mp in a mere 30 seconds with my sloppy sigils leaking so much energy.

The projectiles are swift, but so weak and misshapen I’m almost embarrassed. They are causing damage, but too slowly for my taste. With enemies both in front of and behind me I start strafing to the left in order to buy some time.

The treants furthest away from me suddenly take root, ceasing movement.

I tense up, taken aback by this seemingly beneficial turn of events. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I’m not lucky.

Leaves shoot out from the treants that stopped, spinning through the air like knives. I know instantly that this is not an attack I want to get hit by. Throwing all of my remaining mana into just a few sigils I carve [Stone] [Strong] [Wall] into my mana core.

A large wall appears on front of me and I duck behind it as the leaves near. I hear several sounds of impact as they finally hit the wall.

Peeking out from cover I can clearly see the leaves deeply embedded in the stone. I shudder to think that could have been me.

Taking my spear in hand I spot the treant that had been getting barraged by my spells.

It’s clearly quite weakened, however it looks like it still needs a strong push to finish it.

Spreading my feet into a wide stance I hold the spear behind me in a throwing position. And prepare to give it just that. Carving [Embody] [Fire] Shrouds the spear in fire. It’s durability won’t last long under repeated use, but it’s fine for use as a finisher.

I throw the spear with all of my strength, and it hurtles toward the treant, knocking it over from the impact alone.

The treant well and truly catches on fire then, leaving me the terrible task of retrieving my spear before it too burns up.

I notice a new window appeared at the moment of impact. I see the skill [mana control] finally, which allows me full power over the mana I use. With this my carving should Stabalize to a far more normal level.

Glaring at the other treants I crack my neck. Now it’s time to make them realize why I’m called a hunter.

Racing forward I teleport the last few feet to the spear, and the next few feet away. I rapidly approach the next treant with my still burning spear, striking deep. It is a grievous wound, made worse by the fire I was channeling through it with magic.

And just like that the second treant died, leaving behind nothing but a hollowed out husk.

Flourishing my spear I let the enchantment burn out and put it away.

Closing my eyes I concentrate on carving a successive string of magic symbols [Giant] [Swift] [Penetrating] [Rock] [Bullet] every symbol costs more mana than the last and I pay a hefty price, but a large rock appears and shoots toward the two treants behind me. They are soon out of the picture as they’re crushed beneath a boulder. It’s hard to believe that they were giving me such problems but a few minutes ago. Out of mana I dodge and kite the remaining treant until I can finish him off with a similar rock attack, but without the Giant modifier. This takes about 40 seconds as my mana regenerates at a rate of 147 a minute.

Putting my spear back in my inventory I start to loot the treants, gathering good materials and wood for the towns people. I am surprised to see that one treant had a small gem embedded in it, and that on top it had survived the traumas that had slain this monster.

Picking it up I attempt to examine it.

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