Adjustment 2.8

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The small jewel in my hand glimmers softly from the light filtering through the trees. The colorless gem has few imperfections,  making it a worth a few dozen gold coins if I take it to a major town for appraisal and sale. I open my inventory and place it inside.  I have no need for that much money,  so I’ll let it be for now. Leaving the shattered and burnt remnants of the trents that remain I venture forward to the cliff where I had been practicing magic the day before.

I could walk through the rest of the forest to reach the bottom of the cliff,  but that would take too much time.  I would never make it back to town by sunset even with my high agility and mana regeneration.

Taking my pitted dagger in hand I start casting a spell as I let myself fall backward off the cliff.

While diving down the cliff I finish casting the wide area spell Swamp Bog. It transforms a narrow strip of land into a mud like mixture.  It’s generally used to help control the path monsters and enemies will take,  but it has other uses like this as well.

I had modified it with the sigil for extra length resulting in a large portion of the cliff face turning muddy just as my back connects with it. I quickly gain speed despite the mud and shoot a stream of water at the point where it connects with the cliff. A small mud avalanche begins with a roar and I pale for a second.  This really didn’t  seem like such a good idea anymore. Teleporting back up the cliff two feet I start to cast a stone wall spell further past me and the cliff,  just before the tree line. I repeat this twice more resulting in a large bracket,  or “C” shape, with the open mouth facing me.

Letting my lower body fall backward I twist so I’m facing the cliff,  and sea of mud barreling toward me. Like a demon intent on catching it’s prey.  I stab with all of my strength at the cliff face, attempting to slow down my descent.

The dagger doesn’t pierce the rock that’s now in front of me,  instead snapping at the base. There’s fewer than 30 feet remaining between me and the ground. I panic,  suddenly so afraid that this was how it would end for me. Resolving to at least try to survive I adjust my plans. This would stretch my skills and timing to the limit.

Tweaking the teleport spell with my new mana control I adjust my orientation,  turning me sideways and closer to the wall. I attempt to jump away from the cliff.

Blazing,  excruciating pain shoots through my legs as I see a massive chunk of my health dissapear.  A prompt let’s me know that I have suffered the crippled effect,  greatly reducing the effectiveness of my legs until I’ve healed.

I grit my teeth and ignore this as I’m launched sideways.  I use teleport to gain some extra distance,  barely managing to reach the treeline. All the breath is knocked out of me as a branch pierces my chest and others break under my weight.  My health is perilously close to zero from all of the punishment I’ve taken. My speed has been greatly reduced but I know I still won’t survive the fall unless I manage to also reach the mud.

Using teleport almost blindly at this point I hope that I’m moving in the right direction. Opening my eyes I see that I’m less than 10 feet from the ground. I think I just teleported closer to my doom. Crying in frustration I curse my own hubris, and the cheap dagger which shattered under the weight of my hopes and dreams.

Closing my eyes I teleport at a 45 degree angle, praying that it will be enough. Please. I don’t want to die here. What will happen to me if I……..


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