Adjustment 2.9

Adj2.8             Adj 2.10
Mud splattered in a giant circle around me as I plunged into the murky depths below.  I felt neither pain nor panic,  just an odd sense of acceptance that I had survived this absolutely insane stunt. I should have known better than to do something so reckless,  but I had done this so many times before as a geomancer I felt it was well within my abilities. And while that proved to be the case this time,  it was also the first time I had felt true fear.  In my jubilation over victory I had forgotten,  or rather chosen to ignore the fact that I did not have the luxury of taking these sort of risks.

As I touch  bottom in the pool of mud I leap upward and attempt to reach air. It is tough going,  as mud is much thicker than water,  but I make it soon enough. Wiping my  eyes I see before me a macabre scene where absolutely everything is drenched in mud,  turning this beautiful grove into a scene from a horror film. Looking at my status for the first time since the fall I stop in shock. I have absolutely 0 mana and almost the same in health.

3 hp. That is how close I came to death.  A rabbit could have bit me and I would have died. Shuddering I climb over the walls I created and start a fire a distance away.

As I rest near the warm glow of the fire, I begin to feel better and more sure of myself as the shock passes and my injuries begin to heal. I also check my new notifications.

It looks like gained 50 fame,  25 for both surviving  the jump,  as well as coming so close to death. In addition  I gained a new skill.  Or rather I had relearned one I had already lost. Adventuring was back to stay it seems,  and I couldn’t really complain.

I was strong here. Far stronger than I could ever be in real life,  but  I was just as vulnerable.  This  life  could  be taken from me in an instant with the terrible dangers the programmers invented.

I needed something to give me more survivability,  and I had an idea in mind. Cleaning myself off I go in search of a partner.

It isn’t long before I come across a great white wolf,  like the one I had seen on my very first day in this new life.

Approaching it from the front I hold out fresh rabbit meat I had procured along the way to the canyon. The animal doesn’t seem overwhelmingly aggressive,  it probably has not had many interactions with humans prior to this. Tossing the meat toward it I see it crouch and growl.  It then charges me and I flee,  using teleport to help gain distance as I throw out a cone of water behind me.

The wolf continues it’s pursuit of me,  quickly gaining distance on me as it ignores the water.  Stopping my flight I cast a lightning enchantment on my spear and turn to face the charging monster head on. It takes a mighty chunk out of my HP as it lands a bite, ripping into my side. I in turn impale it through a shoulder, causing it great distress as the lightning courses through its body.

I recover from my wound more quickly, and capitalizing on my earlier success I repeatedly stab the beast until it lay still. I had said I would make a cloak of that wolf on my first day, and it looks like for now I’m right. Skinning it, I begin the tanning process as I search for another wolf.

I spend hours repeating this until eventually one of the wolves takes the meat from me. I immediately gain the skill [Animal Ken] , which positively influences animals reaction toward me. At this point I have two possible choices to make regarding Fuzion. Do I combine [Animal Ken] with [Schooling]? Or do I fuse it with [Adventuring]?

Making my choice swiftly, I activate Fuzion and am not surprised by the result.

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