Adjustment 2.10

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[Beast Taming] appears in my skill list at the same time [Animal Ken] and [Schooling] vanish. According to its description I’ll be able to tame multiple animals at once, however only one at a time may be active.

It’s a good skill normally granted to Tamers at their creation,  and functions as the core of many tamer fusions. Other classes can generally learn it with some work,  but they lack many of  the  supplemental skills which turn it into such a fiercesome weapon.

In addition,  with a skill like this the animals return to a pocket dimension when not summoned, and not suspension,  so it takes a large amount of effort to maintain relationships with more than one or two animals.

Slowly approaching the wolf I hold out another piece of meat, as far from my body as possible, while trying to look relaxed. It starts to tense and I immediately stop, like the hands of a clock when the battery is removed. I stay like that for several minutes, but the wolf decides to run. Letting it go I sigh and begin the slow trek back to the village, I’m out of time for tonight.

On my way back I kill close to a dozen treants. My inventory has been filled for quite some time at this point so I fashion a rough sled out of their bodies and leftover rope. It slows me down, and while it does allow me to carry more, the closer I get to town the more I regret it.

I’m soaked in sweat by the time I make it to the river, it’s been tough pulling it for so long, and I’ll definitely admit that I’m quite sore as a result. It’s piled high with wolf and rabbit corpses, with a few antlions and treats resulting in the sled weighing an astronomical amount. There is even a large deer on the top, what must have weighed almost a thousand pounds. Leaning back against a tree I close my eyes and rest for a moment. I’m too tired to cross the river quite yet. Just as I’m about to get up and attempt it, I hear the crackle of a monster approaching me slowly.

The monster in question is a large wolf with a scar on its right leg running all the way up to its torso. I quickly fetch some meat from my inventory and attempt to tame it. It easily takes the food from me, being far less skittish than other animals I’ve seen. I then try to approach it, and it seems to accept that with similar ease, even moving closer of its own accord.

Taking my hand I scratch the top of the wolf’s head,  just behind the ears. It’s tail starts to thump against the ground and I get a new message. It details how I’ve tamed this level 4 wolf, which is unusual enough alone, as wolves tend to stay level 3, but truly boggling to the mind when taken with the next piece of information. This was the wolf I had spared over a week ago.

It had made a full recovery and came back to repay the favor it seems. Nodding in approval I have him sit on the cart while I wade across, held secure by rope tied to a tree, which I set up easily with teleportation. The sled is worse for wear from the water once I reach the other side, but still loaded with all the goods I had stacked on it.

Darkness quickly approaches, chasing the day away like a petulant child. The darkness is oppressive and I shudder involuntarily at the prospect of being here after dark. I ask my companion to hunt rabbits while we head home, and I am pleased to say that he was extremely effective.

Reaching town I put the cart in the Inn’s stables and carry the goods upstairs to my room.

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