Adjustment 2.11

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My room feels more cramped than I remember after my long day. I flop down onto the bed, ignoring the rumble in my stomach and just try to sleep.

Before long I nod off into oblivion.

I wake up with a weight on my chest and notifications in my window. Opening my eyes I see that they’re alerting me to the fact that I need to name my new companion, who, somehow has been summoned right on top of me. The wolf is fast asleep on my chest and I quite like it. I name him Castellum which is latin for castle.

With training and some time hopefully he will make the difference between life and death for me. Shifting Castellum off me I head out, with him right behind me.

I sell off the loot, keeping the first white wolf pelt for myself, and the small jewel. I then take care of my repairs and grab a new, much sturdier knife, as well as some more rope. This time I’ll take the safer route and just climb down the cliff.

On the way toward the cliff I let Castellum take care of the usual monsters, using my magic to support him with fireballs and placement. Knocking enemies away or leaving them vulnerable to his bite. It’s surprisingly easy as Castellum  is already a level  higher than the other wolves,  proving his experience in battle. Soon  enough he leaves his brothers further behind,  as he quickly levels with my guidance and support. In no time at all we reach the antimony.  I leave my traps in my inventory,  instead choosing a different strategy.  I erect a pedestal for me to stand on over ten feet high with magic,  and have Castellum trigger them.  As they erupt from the ground the any closest to me is pierced by a stone Lance,  pinning it to the ground.  Castellum finishes it off,  severing it’s head from its body in a furious series of vicious bites.

Fireballs erupt near him,  in an attempt to ward off the other seven. It works for now,  and Castellum pounces on an antlion I trip with earth magic,  savaging it.  I attempt to restrain the monsters again,  but it seemingly fails,  as one takes the fire to the face in an attempt to attack my companion.  Leaping from my pedestal I pierce the antlion with my spear,  pinning it in the fire.  It’s  a little hot for comfort,  but I’ll survive as my own flames are intrinsically less dangerous  to me.

With Castellum at my back,  surrounded by fire,  we duel the antlions,  forcing them into submission.  I don’t forget to extract their acid glands.  They’ll  be useful to the village later. Those that attempt to flee are promptly transfixed to the ground with an earthen spear then finished off. I grin in satisfaction as my wolf lays down on the ground,  with an antlion head between his paws.

I’m finally starting to feel like an adventurer again.

We repeat this fight with the antlions multiple times,  eventually getting enough sacks to fulfill the request while simultaneously leveling Castellum.  He seems to grow bigger with each level,  at first his shoulders were barely two feet from the ground,  but now they’re several inches higher. I think  he’ll  match the white wolves in size when he matches them in level. Stat wise it looks like Castellum is almost exclusively gaining strength and agility.  Despite my intentions he’s  looking to be far closer to a weapon than to a castle.

Now that I have magic the trents are barely worth mentioning, we ripped through them in no time. Finally seeing the cliff in front of me I begin to erect walls around where I intend to descend from. Leaving me in what is essentially a man made cave. The view from here was quite impressive,  it makes me wish the earth still had sights like these left. Tying down my rope and leaving my cart behind I begin to rappel down the cliff side after banishing Castellum.  Nearly everything of value  I had was in that cart right now and while I could let him guard it,  I’ll  really need him down here.

The descent  is far quicker than one might expect,  in part I blame that on my magic,  the other half I blame on experience and teleportation.  I create footholds where I need them,  and teleport to those I can’t get footholds for.

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