Adjustment 2.12

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Hunting the white wolves proved far less easy for Castellum than I had expected.  It was such smooth sailing at this point that I just thought it would continue.  The white wolves were level 9. Even with my support it was an awfully dangerous task for Castellum.  Every time we killed one he was extremely close to dying himself.

Unfortunately healing was a separate school of magic,  it laid in the realm of the divine which I had no idea how to learn of.  For now I have Castellum retreat when low and I hold him off until Castellum can finish him off. It’s less efficient,  however the majority of experience goes toward him which is what I really need. So we wait and we kill,  we wait and we kill.  Time swiftly passes as we get into this trance of healing in between fights.

A week passes like this and both me and my wolf grow in strength.  We reach lv 13, having successfully hunted the wolves and  stags in this bottom forest to near extinction.  There is a broad stretch of land where I have set up a new camp,  at a certain point in my expeditions I decided it would be easier to just set up camp here and  just to head back for repairs and to sell off my loot. In the meantime I crafted myself a cloak and new set of armor with the fur of the white wolves and the leather of a small alligator that begins appearing in the area past another river.

Every day I climbed up the hill to load the cart with materials and to hunt the antlions to the point where climbing the cliff here was almost automatic.  So much easier than the first time,  where I had nearly died. Since that second message I haven’t been contacted by the Admins again,  so I just have to assume all is going as they planned.

Eating some fruit with the deer meat on my fire I prepare to head out.  Castellum has grown substantially at this point,  he is now up to my waist and lithe with power. I whistle and Castellum races to me,  a dead wolf in his mouth.  Chuckling I toss it into my inventory,  pleased that we had grown so much in such a short period of time.

This time we penetrate deep into the forest. A mist covers the area where we are now traversing, causing me to slow down, or risk falling to certain doom. Here is where my magic truly shines, as I am able to fend off monsters before they can approach our precarious position between pits and poisonous snakes. My spell usage has slowed as I’ve leveled, mostly due to the more mana intensive spells I use. Larger more penetrating spells like lightning took precedence over my previously rapid fireballs.

With my swift mama regen as long as I keep a slow pace I can keep these spells going for nearly an hour.

A large poisonous frog jumps out of a pit and aims at me. I teleport backward then fire a lightning spell stunning it as Castellum returns to savage it. I put it in my inventory and continue pressing forward in search of the ironwood trees. They shouldn’t be far from where I am now. [Danger Sense],A skill I created at lv 10 from [Animal Knowledge] which I had relearned, and [Tracking], activated alerting me to a new threat. A large Gorilla, easily twelve feet in height was sneaking up on me from behind.

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6 thoughts on “Adjustment 2.12

    1. No, the chapters have been pretty consistent in size at 600-700 words, but the story’s picking up in pace, so I get where you’re coming from. I did have a short period of 1000-to 1500 but that was more of a bonus for increased traffic :).


  1. The skill names keep confusing me as they change- firebolt vs fireball, animal Ken vs. Animal knowledge, etc.

    Also, are there any hard limits on the MC’s casting? He seems to be able to use lots of sigils, despite only knowing of them from a previous toon (the geomancer). Even with the complexity penalties, it seems like he could solve any problem with a long enough string of sigils, if his knowledge of them isn’t restricted the way his skinning amd other skills originally were.

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    1. The soft limit is a very steep casting cost increase based on the sigils position in the string. I.e. lets say project costs 4 mana to carve, if you used it in the second strings position it would be 6, 3rd would be 9, 4th 14, 5th 21. Considering that’s one of the cheapest sigils you can see how it would quickly get expensive. In addition there a visual component, so the larger spells take longer to visualize


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