Adjustment 2.13

Adj 2.12                Adj 2.14

I teleported as far away as I could, at this time a prodigous 4 feet.

With the sudden movement on my part the gorilla approaching from behind lost all trace of stealth and roared in challenge. I felt every hair on my body stand up as I was frozen stiff. Stunned.

The gorilla races toward me, raising both of it’s large fists above his head in a hammerblow and smashes at me.

Just as fear starts to overpower my reason and knowledge that this wasn’t strong enough to one shot me I was tackled by Castellum, pushing me clear of the attack.

I hear a sharp crack and a yelp from my wolf as the gorilla’s attack finds a different target.

Castellum’s health dives down, it’s already in the red close to death and the gorilla is attempting to smash again.

Roaring I charged at the ape, throwing my spear as I activate several sigils, resulting in it being imbued with a lightning spell.

It barely scratches him, mostly bouncing off his thick hide, however it is enough of a delay for me to be able to rapidly close the distance, teleport in to grab Castellum, and teleport away. I start sprinting away, lavishly using teleport to add distance between us.

If I was alone I probably would have escaped, but I had Castellum, and I couldnt banish him while his wounds were so deep or he would never survive the trip. Instead eith my speed I manage to make it to a particularly large tree which I climb. Because Castellum is in my arms I have to rapidly teleport as Im falling and attempting to slow my descent, making it look like I’m jumping up the tree.

As I reach the top of the tree I start casting a large scale spell, I’ve never done this before , but at this point I don’t have a choice if I hope for us to both survive. Closing my eyes I concentrate as I put together a series of sigils, filling them with copious magic just in case, so as to stabilize them. Debilitating, Forceful, Massive, Swift, Reckless, fire, sphere, velocity. 8 sigils was enough to drain nearly my entire mp bar, so I down an emergency mana potion, and pray it’s enough.

Letting loose the spell I can see that the gorilla is nearly on me, being as it was a much more proficient tree climber.

The fireball erupts from my hand, nailing the gorilla in its eye. Screeching I see it start to fall to the ground and I attempt to finish it off. I create a spike pit underneath it made of stone. I could have made them of harder materials but unfortunately I suffered from a lack of mana and couldn’t afford the mp cost.

The gorilla hits the stone spike pit, shattering it and crushing my hopes as it struggles to get up. That spell I cast at least showed an effect, taking an eye from it.

Just as I’m about to start running again I see the gorilla no longer wishes to fight, retreating back the way we came. I finally take a moment to identify it as it stumbles away. Ambush Gorilla Lv 18. I shudder, dropping to the ground with Castellum. My arms are on fire bit I set him down slowly and make a fire.

After several hours Castellum starts to heal, it looks as if the Gorilla nearly broke his spine in that first attack, instead it merely shattered several of his ribs.

I occasionally have to fend off monsters, but none are above level 15 and I can skillfully handle them with my magic alone. It would have been easier with my spear but unfortunately I can’t afford to risk leaving to get it. At least not until Castellum is fully healed. Inbetween assaults I create a small fort out of stone, and using clever design and placement of support beams I can pull a small stone cube about two feet across into place, sealing it off from the outside world.

It’s not perfect, it’s not even particularly fast, but it’s something in case the gorilla comes back.

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