Adjustment 2.14

Christmas bonus chapter
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I move Castellum, who whimpers painfully, into the fort. After laying him down in the center I pull the stone behind us, sealing us in complete darkness.

I roll onto my back and gather mana into the sigils for a water beam, however I add piercing and compact to the mix and let it loose above me.  I feel the air chill around me as a side effect, the only sensation i can feel until the water hits the roof. The resulting hole is quite small, barely an inch in diameter, but the light seemingly floods inside, allowing a partial sight in the murky darkness, no longer complete and absolute. The drain on my mana is significant with each shot, but this method allows me to be as precise as posssible, maintaining structural integrity as well as allowing air and light through. After two dozen or so shots, with rests inbetween to regenerate mana I relax and crawl toward Castellum. I hold him while he sleeps and look at my handiwork. The roof looks a bit like a chinese checkers board, the holes are fairly well aligned, however there are quite a few mistakes from a minor mishap or just mistaken aim. It’s quite difficult to be accurate  with something like this.

Smiling in satisfaction I turn around and push the stone that’s acting as a door out, crawling behind it.

I replace the stone 70% of the way in
And start to head back toward where we were ambushed.

I move much slower this time, almost creeping through the dense woods. If I was caught again there would be no escape. I hear a loud chuttering to my left, and in the distance I can clearly see a large snake, easily 12 feet in length.

I stop and inspect it; unwilling to take another big risk when I’m on edge already, attempting to enter the territory of a monster far beyond my caliber at the present time.

I see quite clearly that its even more dangerous than the gorilla. The snake is actually a host of insects and bugs, clinging to each other in the hope of tricking unwary prey. It’s level is clearly marked in red, showing that it is far beyond me.

Unfortunately I simply can’t leave my spear behind. The remaining ones at the village were of much worse quality and would never be able to withstand my magic.

Slowly creeping away I head deeper into the forest, looking every which, still confident that id be able to reach there unmolested.

Still with a sense of caution nagging me in the back of my head I lay the spike traps down from when I fought the antlions behind me as I advance.

After I cross sevèral dozen more yards the warning bells in my head start blaring. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something dangerous nearby I intuitively know. I steel my will and burst into a full on sprint. Whatever it is probably knows I’m here. I never trained myself in stealth on this incarnation.

I might as well be holding a floodlight above my head. If I can keep my distance like with the snake that’s one thing but… I’m certain that’s not the case here.

I pass something low in the bushes and tracking activates alerting me to its presence. Without breaking stride I throw an earth wall down between us, hoping to buy time.

I wont go down easy. I seethe inwardly at the prospect of falling to something I could have avoided.

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3 thoughts on “Adjustment 2.14

    1. I understand and even agree with your statement to a degree, however as a long time web novel lover I found out I like small chunks of story at a time. I know I don’t write that much, it’s simply a matter of time available for me. But I’d rather give someone the option to read what’s done than to make them wait a week so I can group everything together. My naming of the chapters kind of reflect this. There’s a reason it’s “x.x” and not just “x” In reality I view what’s currently done as amounting to only two chapters. In a book. Which is rather a good estimate as I’ve now written about 20k words. The pace of the plot will pick up as it hits around 40k words. Which is normal for… well any novel. Would you like me to create another section where you can view it by true chapter?


  1. Like ZombieKnight, Yeah that seems like it might be more appealing for new readers but I’d wait til you more chapters out to do that, any keep up the good work


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