Adjustment 2.15

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The wall I create shudders but doesn’t break, and I hear a great hiss coming from behind it. I recklessly use teleport to try and gain some distance between us and notice the glimmer of metal in the corner of my eyes.

Turning my head I see that the sun was just starting to ebb and it’s changing angle revealed a spear, partially embedded in the ground.

I don’t change my direction, I lack trust in myself to be able to pick up pace fast enough again. Instead I modify teleport to change my facing by 90 degrees. I feel wind pass my back as I finish teleporting and a cold sweat breaks out on my back. This thing was seriously fast. I repeat the trick with the wall, creating another one directly behind me as I reach out to pick up the spear. There’s a slight resistance bit with my momentum it yanks free. I change my direction again, this time making me head toward the spike traps I left behind.

Every few seconds I use teleport to try and shake the monster, either changing my direction, or just my position by a few feet. It takes my entire concentration to make the modifications and I almost trip a few times. As I near the traps I almost die.

In the place where I had just been there was a large rabbit with a jewel on it’s forehead. It was a goddamn treasure rabbit. I curse my luck.

Treasure rabbits are one of the few creatures in Fuzion where the level isn’t set. They can appear anywhere that there are monsters and they’re extremely aggressive. It’s usually a death sentence as they are very quick and have insanely high attack power. The only reason it didn’t destroy my wall was probably because it didn’t need to, using it as a jumping board instead. I wonder what it’s level is I lament, telepirting over the first spike trap and jumping over the second. I hear two quick crashes and I know that instead of giving me a chance to escape, they may have very well damned me.
Instead of teleporting over the next wall I crash through it, spears piecing my body and cracking as I force my way through. I instead use my teleport to dodge his next attack.

I lost barely 10% of my health from that maneuver but I know I would have lost substantially more if I had been hit by him. I see the snake to the right bit I ignore it and it’s dangers, as I have bigger trouble following me.

Another unique trait of treasure rabbits is that they will never stop chasing an opponent, so my only real hope is to kill it… somehow. For now I just need to get back to Castellum and pray that his wounds have healed. I’ll need to use every trick in the book of I hope to survive today.

Pushing myself to the limit I  continue this game of cat and mouse. I stop using teleport however, and instead create a bog around me to try and confuse the rabbit. Sliding on the mud from my momentum I continue teleporting, and manage to escape. I see the monster stuck in the mud for now, but I really only bought myself some time. With a renewed vigor I continue on my way until I come to the fort I built.

Whimpering can be heard from inside, it has a strange echoing effect because of the holes pierced in the roof. It increases in volume as I begin to pull the rock out of the doorway, cutting myself on it’s rough edges as a result of my haste. Ultimately that didn’t matter. What did mattwr was whether I could make a deadly enough trap…

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