Adjustment 2.16

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I reinforced the entire fort twice. The first time I took care of support pillars, making sure that the structure could withstand the added pressure I was about to place on it. The second layer I used more than doubled its weight as I just added extra sections of rock onto the already built structure. It was a crude method, but it should work to keep the monster contained.

Using all of my concentration I quickly summoned my bag and sorted things by whether or not they were flammable. Throwing everything flammable inside I also spread lamp oil over it all, leaving a sheen on all the furs and hides.

I stop for a moment to gather firewood and throw it inside as well. As I’m in the midst  of preparing a second load I see the treasure rabbit catch up, forcing me to accelerate matters. I quickly turn toward my makeshift oven and stand in the doorway. Castellum is far enough away I hope that he’ll survive the encounter.

As the rabbit charges me I use wind magic to lower the air resistance on my body and dodge out of the way. Slightly quicker. It’s easier said than done though as it still catches me with the tips of its claws, shearing straight through my armor and shirt like they weren’t even there. Long red gashes run down the side of my chest, soaking me in my own blood, but it took the bait and is now inside the trap.

Casting fireball I catch the entire room on fire as I close and lock the door with stone barriers. I hear furious shouts and screams coming from inside as the building shifts under the rabbit’s assault.

Dropping to my knees I attempt to gather enough strength for a single stone spear. I keep it at the ready,   should the rabbit break through.

Gradually the screams abate, right around the same time that my vision starts to blur. My last sight before I fall unconcious are several notifications appearing….

Stirring awake I shiver. It’s cold out here. Looking at myself in confusion I wonder what happened just as the fog around my memory begins go part and it all starts to come back to me. Patting my stomach I see that I’ve already healed, despite my precarious position outside without any real protection.

I pick myself up as I hear something approach. It’s Castellum, larger than I remember and with a small croc in his mouth.

Caatellum must have fended off the monsters while I slept. Coming to that conclusion I scratch his ears thoroughly, giving him all the loving I can. “Whose a good boy. Whose a good boy!” I coo. I wish I still had my treat bag on me, but that was something my real life body has.

I dismantle the young croc, putting the results into my inventory except the meat. That I begin to cook over a spell. We earned a good meal.

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