Adjustment 2.17

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Finishing off my gator meat skewer I stare at the fort which has at this point started to crumble. The heat must have been too much when combined with the rampaging of the treasure rabbit and several holes are now visible.

Walking up to the building I start ripping it apart where it seems weak, but after just a few minutes I’m both winded and unsure if it’s going to be enough. Instead of breaking the building down I instead create a room inside of it so that I could safely enter.

I use much less mana then previously as I carve the sigils in my soul. The point of this was finesse, not blunt useless power and as such the resulting walls are thinner, and actually denser, then the walls above. Given enough time an earth mage could make wondrous buildings and labrynths like this, including, the iconic wizards tower. No normal material would be able to take the abuse of an accident.

It was never the roomiest building before, as it was constructed in haste, for very rudimentary protection. But now with the extra walls it’s only possible to describe it as cramped. I can barely move underneath, and as a result end up crawling mostly. Near the opposite side of the fort is a charred corpse, obviously the treasure rabbit die to both its size, and the unharmed jewel in the center of its forehead. Taking my knife I attempt to pry the gem lose, and after a few attempts I succeed.

In the palm of my hand now is an ice blue sapphire ring. It’s surprisingly cool to the touch and I attempt to identify it. It succeeds on the first try and I am shocked at the irony of it. A Ring of Cold Absorption is a relatively obscure accessory, most would gloss over it in favor of a Ring of Cold Protection with nary a second thought. It doesn’t absorb cold magic so much as lessen the entire spectrum of cold as a sense.

For example with a ring of cold absorption on one could walk around in shorts in the snow and not even notice. It’s a survival tool because along with the dulling of the senses, your body too is strengthened against it. The effect in combat is negligible however.

Putting it on I smile in satisfaction, certain that it will prove useful later.

With castellum in tow behind me I attempt to approach the ironwood trees once again. I feel trepidation in my heart as we we once again sneak past the scorpion made of bugs. Heart still aflutter we pass where the ambush gorilla attacked us. We do not encounter the ambush gorilla this time as we approach the tree.

It’s thin and imposing, supporting a great plume of branches and leaves spanning over a hundred feet in height from a small trunk just barely a foot in diameter. It’s strength must really be like metal to support that kind of monstrous weight.Despite this I still hear the rhythmic thunk of something trying to eat it, like a woodpecker. Laughing out loud I finish approaching the tree and look up to see what had the audacity to try and eat an ironwood.

Sitting in the branches is a girl.

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2 thoughts on “Adjustment 2.17

    1. Imagine a pink elephant. Now look at your chest. You’re aware of your chest and how it breathes. Vizualize your chest, now put the pink elephant in your chest, now change it to a blue tiger.


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