Adjustmemt 2.18

Adj 2.17                Adj 2.19

The woman is athletically built with dirty blonde hair and a small chest. Her clothing is eclectic, made out of various different  leathers and cloths haphazardly stitched together into a long robe. It’s end result is that it looks like a dress suited for neither combat or recreation. She has a small hatchet in her hand. It’s being swung quickly and to relatively little effect. The branch seems to resist the weapon, repelling it and causing but the slightest scratch on its surface at a time.

There is a small cut forming from where she has been repeatedly chopping, for who knows how long. I start to call out to her when she suddenly stops and throws her hatchery behind her, in what I now see is a pile of old hatchets.

As she finishes throwing it I finally call out to her awkwardly. I’m caught off balance because her hand is now inside an extra dimensional pocket, what I usually refer to as the inventory.

“You’re… an adventurer?” She nods slowly in response.

“Do you know which continent we’re on?” she meekly asks.

I frown “I was hoping to ask you that. I haven’t really seen any other players, and I have a really big favor I need to ask of you.”

“Whatever it is I’ll do it, as long as you’ll do me a favor too.” I blush a little at that, but those are definitely reasonable terms. I briefly think about wasting my favor on something X related, but I know my survival is way more important.

I briefly recount the story of how I woke up here and didn’t know how I had arrived. Her face darkens as I explain my fear that I had been kidnapped, and she just cries as I finish.

Tears roll down her face as she screams at me. “Why did I have to meet you! I still had hope before. Hope that if I made it to a city I would be able to meet someone who could help me!”

Realization dawns on me at this point. I’m not alone. She’s stuck too.

Once she calms down I explain to her the messages I had received from the GM’s. “That’s the same warning I got. Maybe they’re just pushing an update out?” She sounds a little hopeful but I know better. An update would have forced them out, back into the real world.

“Regardless of whats going on outside, would you want to join my group? There’s safely to be had in numbers.”

“I’d love that. It’s terrifying being a marksman alone.” I see a genuine smile appear on her face as she draws out another hatchet and resumes chipping at the branch. “I wish this damn thing would break already! It’s just a tree so why is it healing so fast!” I walk over to the pile of hatchets and pick up one of discarded weapons. I give the tree a few practice swings, noting that i can’t even leave scratches on the thick wood. I stand still and concentrate on figuring out what spell to use.

In the end I decide to use my spear and earth empowerment, hopefully it will manage to do more than leave a scratch.

“What do you need that branch for anyways?”

“I’m trying to make a new bow, and I really needed a stiff branch to work with.”

“Finally some good news. I think I can get you that branch….”

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