Adjustment 2.19

Adj 2.18          Imm 3.1

“I think you should get down before I try this.” I smile at my new companion. It sure felt good to not be alone anymore. As she jumps out of the tree I wistfully remember the past, when my advancer classmates and I performed group projects together here in Fuzion.

Three kids were gathered around a small round table made of sturdy plastic. On the table were three stacks of papers. Each of them had submitted a plan on how to deal with the village of Starlight’s famine.

“First let’s review Jason’s plan.” Kira, a petite red head with glasses says. It’s well known that she is an extremely competent leader, nearly always finishing her assignment despite the average success rate being a mere fifty percent.

Jason stands up, bending over to remove his stack of papers from the table as his white jumpsuit stretches easily to allow the movement. The entire room is a pristine white dome, so Jason arbitrarily choose a section of it’s wall and throws his stack of papers at the wall. They fly very well, like they had more substance than was obvious, and collided with the wall. As they meet the wall they disappear while large displays appear, filled with statistics and graphs.

“The famine is caused by three factors, each add to the severity of the situation, and as such we need to mitigate or eliminate those factors before we can work on a lasting solution. My plan deals with how to eliminate the drought.”

After taking a deep breathe he continues. “A river runs approximate 4 miles to the east of town, close enough for them to obtain water to survive, but not close enough for them to be able to use it to water their crops. Large scale plumbing is unfeasible for this level of societies, so my proposal is to create an aqueduct, which will allow the long range funneling of water from the river. We could set up an automatic watering system as well, but that’s unnecessary as dealing with the second factor will allow the villagers to work the fields on their own again.” At this point Jason spreads his arms and the smallest display in the rear shoots to right in front of Robbie and Kira.

“This is the schematic I drew which should allow us to erect a long standing aqueduct, without diverting much of the river at all.” It shows a horseshoe shaped rail which feeds back into the river at the end of its course.

“Robbie, this plan primarily revolves around you erecting the structure while Kira guides you. I’ve seen you erect more elaborate traps than this so I trust that wont be an issue?”

Robbie nods slowly. “It shouldn’t be too much of a problem, the main issue is time. Creating the entire structure will take quite a lot of it, but the main time sink will be this resevoir to raise the water elevation. That’s a lot of stone.”

“I concur. We need a more immediate solution to go hand in hand with this plan.” Kira says while adjusting her glasses. ” it inherently clashes with my idea, what about yours Robbie?”

“Well, mine could work, it would be much swifter, and if it only needs to be temporary…” Robbie smirks, “Well it’ll certainly give Jason something to do.”

In the end they created a short rail and train cart to go on it. James pulled the multi ton train they made  for several days until it reached the village, where he helped pump it out. He had to do this 4 times before the aqueduct was finished enough to use.

During the course of building the aqueduct they encountered the second factor, a werewolf, and solved the third one, morale. They mounted the werewolfs skull on top of the village entrance, and Kira skinned and tanned the pelt to make a fur rug for the tavern.


We weren’t the first to finish our  disaster relief assignment, but we were the only ones who provided a lasting solution that required little to no upkeep.


“I don’t think I caught your name yet? I’m Robbie.” I draw thick heavy lines dripping in mana for the earth empowerment spell on one of the discarded hatchets. It takes on a deep brown glow and becomes much heavier in my hand. I chop at the tree again and as opposed to the jarring rejection from earlier I feel it sink in slightly.

“They call me Asla here, I spawned in the village of Bestle west of this forest.”

After several swings the tree cracks and falls over, causing a huge explosion of noise as it hits the ground.

The ax in my hand disuintegrates and I grab another one, recasting Earth Embodiment “Pleasure to meet you Asla. Now what do you say to accompanying me on a quest…”

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