Immersion 3.1

Adj 2.19            Imm 3.2

We split up with the agreement to meet again tomorrow in the morning. From what Asla described it would take her far less time to return than me, as she didn’t have to climb down a cliff or through as many enemies as I do.

When I return to my base camp I begin to pack up for the return trip. It’s unlikely I would ever be coming back.

After casually climbing the cliff which had daunted me so many days ago I left a long length of rope attached to a tree, to assist Asla up later.

With the fully loaded carts being pulled behind us Castellum and I begin our long uneventful trip back to town.

During the journey I have time to relax and I explore my windows to see the improvements, and if there were any new developments.

My teleport had leveled to 5, giving me a rather impressive range. Last Resort had reached 4, increasing it’s bonus to 25%, while skinning was level 9, and over 80% of the way to 10 to boot. I grin at that, noting the extreme increase in speed while skinning in comparison to when I started.

Last but not least planning reached level 2, giving me an additional 5 morale.

Sighing in contentment I look up in the trees and notice a strange new icon appear. It’s Castellum’s status window, and it looks like I have never even opened it.

Pressing on it I see a fairly balanced familiar, however it’s attack and agility seem low for its level. Probably because of my emphasis on defense Castellum seems strange for a high level wolf.

Stopping dead in my tracks I just stare at the bottom of his status window. “Evolution accesible?” I wasn’t exactly a font of knowledge when it came to beast tamers, but wasn’t it supposed to take much longer to get to evolution?

Panning through the options I see that there are three main choices, black wolf, white wolf, and red wolf. They will increase his defense, attack, or speed respectively. With little to no hesitation I select the black wolf evolution and stare at Castellum as he swells in size. He is easily a time and a half bigger than before.

With his newfound size causing him to grow into his coat much earlier than expected i laugh at all the new black hairs plainly visible already.

We make record time back to town as I sell all of my treasures to the butcher.

Afterwards I use my newfound wealth at the clothing shop to place a down payment on the suit that was being made.

Lastly I stopped by the blacksmiths to leave her the new wood and my old spear. I smile when i see the wood again, it’s simply too impressive to leave alone.

Going to sleep early I eagerly await the morning. This would be the day that I finally embark on my quest to save Flora’s mother.

I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

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