Immersion 3.2

Imm 3.1                      Imm 3.3

I wake up in my rented room at the inn.

No ominous messages await me so I take that as a good sign as I crawl out of bed, refreshed and ready to take on Fuzion.

I slowly stretch, making sure I have full control over my body before I leave the room. “Hey Ivan. Today’s the big day.”

He looks at me with a complicated expression, “Are you sure you cannot stay a bit longer? It is a fools errand boy.”

“I know that may be the case but I have to try. Flora’s counting on me and you should have enough supplies to last the winter. I’m just not needed here anymore.”

I frown while revealing this. “I… found a companion from Bestle. Maybe it’s not such a fools errand now.”

His eyebrows shoot up at that, and a grin slowly starts to break out on his somber face. “Good. I really do like you hunter. No… since you will be rescuing our hunter what should we call you?”

I answer with a moment of hesitation. “Call me Addle.” I don’t know where the name came from, but it seemed right. I definitely wasn’t Robbie here, and my geomancer is long gone. Darwin wouldn’t be coming back.

“Addle… alright then Addle, best of luck but before you leave could you do me a favor?”

“I can spare a few minutes.”

“Alright then. Wait there for a moment.” Ivan enters his room on the first floor and comes back with a small wooden chest. He opens the box and reveals a pair of plate gauntlets. “May these help you more than they helped the poor sod who lost them. I found these back in the day on a corpse just past the mine. Be careful boy. I mean Addle.”

I gratefully accept the gauntlets. They are an unexpected gift. ” I… don’t know what to say… thank you Ivan.”

“Just get them back and we will be even.”

I leave the tavern and head towards the smithy. As I enter I’m flagged down by Gavin outside Celeste’s. “Here are your clothes. Get rid of those rags you’re wearing.” He pauses for a moment. “You can keep the gauntlets though. They’ll work.”

Gavin pushes a bundle of clothes at me, they seem rather bulky in places, and I can see that they’ve been sewn together with light chainmail at the joints, and leather along the rest. It’s supple, yet hard.

“I don’t know what to say Gavin. Just”

“Don’t say thank you Gavin. Thank you for staying up all night. Knowing you’d be leaving for good on a fruitless journey. Say you’ll survive. And hand out my business card to anyone who asks where you got your clothes.” He pulls a stack of business cards out. “I really will kill myself if no one orders anything interesting soon.”

“Thank you Gavin, and I will.”

I finally enter the blacksmith and see Titania working on my spear. ” She’s reshaping the blade to fit the new shaft. Balancing it against the weight of the wood.

“I’ll be done in a few minutes hunter. Why don’t you grab something to drink and think of a good name.”

I dutifully sit down and tell her that I’ve already chosen a name. “Addle”.

“Allright then. Addle it is. A good strong name that.” She takes out a chisel and I realize what she meant too late as she carves it deep into the wood of the shaft.” She quenches the blade after forging it into the shaft and hands it to me. “Good luck hunter. May Addle serve you well”.

“I… thank you Titania. I’m sure I’ll become worthy to wield this spear some day.”

I leave the village without a backward glance and head to meet Asla.

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