Immersion 3.4

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Against a swarm of bugs my options are rather limited. My fireballs take out swathes of bugs at a time, but I could not create a fireball big enough to encompass the entire swarm yet. My earth magic was even less useful, rock bullet or wall won’t even slow them down. Leaping backwards I spare one more glance at Castellum and make up my mind. Drawing [Fortress][Earth][Wall][Breatheable]Protected] Sigils in my core, I watch as a huge amount of mana, over half of my mp, leaves my body forming a small dingy cube of stone barely covering my wolf. My imagination was too weak and unfocused, resulting in a malformed spell. However that was within expectations as I lack the practice I had before in such grand spells, especially while under pressure. I’m still quite rusty in a lot of ways.

Concentrating my energy into my feet I leap at the swarm to buy time. Just as it looks like I’m doomed I teleport straight up, allowing me to easily clear the bugs.

Twisting around I throw out a few fireballs, whittling the swarm down a little at a time. I’m vigilant enough to never stay in one place for long, and it seems like I’m making real progress as I repeatedly throw fire but just as the swarm is slowly dying, so too am I. The poison status is wreaking havoc, draining substantial portions of my hp as the fight goes on.

The flying bugs in the swarm separate from the crawlers, forming a giant smiley face, it’s eyes look like static is running through them, giving it a bizarre and Macabre vibe. The face opens it’s mouth and random screeches can be heard, drowning out the patter patter of the insects.

With it’s face distorting into a glare it charges me. It emits a scream of static as it attempts to engulf me, causing me to panic. Castellum is safe for now in the makeshift fort I believe and I flee. As I run I slowly begin to calm down and observe my surroundings, blind panic is my biggest enemy and my training starts to assert itself.

This monster was far too problematic for beginners in Fuzion, a warrior or ranger would have zero chance of being able to harm it until they started to specialize and gain wonderous powers.

In addition Fuzion shouldn’t have monsters like this. No matter the reasoning behind the initial creation of the game, it was used as a training and education ground for children. This was…. too horrific.

A sudden thought enters my mind. What if this was the original? An unknown class, a monster that shouldn’t exist, attacks on safe zones. The idea has it’s merits.

With my pulse steady and my breathing even I turn around and create a floor of ice in front of me and create a trap as I await the flying swarm. It doesn’t dissapoint and soon arrives, flying over the slowly melting ice. Smiling I trigger the trap I had just prepared.

Using [store] [heat] I made the ice absorb multiple fireballs, and as I released the spell, the ice suddenly bursts into steam, roasting the swarm alive.

Racing back toward Castellum I see the insects on the ground attempting to get to him through the fort.

I scoop up my spear. Having spent all of the mana stored in it, it once again was just a normal, if exceptional weapon.

I repeat my earlier maneuver and charge it with lightning magic, hurling it at the bugs.

My mana is almost completely spent, this has to count.

It arrives just in time, as the impromptu fort starts to crumble. The resulting wave of electricity destroys the bugs, leaving me the victor, for now.

My hp is critical, below 5%, and with the rate of the poison I have scant minutes left to live.

I pick up Castellum and search for Asla. Her having an antidote is my only hope.

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