Immersion 3.5

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I rush through the forest toward our meeting spot in the hope that Asla had arrived during our fight.

My hope seems to be in vain as she isn’t there. I make way toward her village, sprinting and teleporting, heedless of the mana costs. I almost trip over a ragged log as a result, but I catch myself when it starts to cough.

I continue rushing forward to find help but I know I’m not going to… find any… this… wait did that log just cough?

Doubling back I  kick the log again, and as it gasps I realize that it’s actually Asla, who had disguised herself after being severely  injured.

Blood is leaking from her side, originating from a nasty gash in her abdomem. I kick her again to try and wake her. She moans but her eyes remain closed, so I try again, harder This time. She is assaulted by a terrible set of coughs, but her eyes fly open. “I need an antidote.”

“What… Where.You….”

“Now! Or we’re both as good as dead!” My health had entered the single digits, adding a sense of urgency. It wouldn’t be long until the next tick of poison. She slowly reaches her hand forward and it disappears as she rummages around. Another tick passes. Two hp remains between me and oblivion.

A cold sweat breaks out and my forehead grows damp. My hands feel clammy as I lean closer to  Asla. I see a wolf stalking us, sensing weakness.

I cast a series of walls between us, surrounding Asla and I. I begin to count my breaths one, two, three. I nearly have a heart attack when she pulls out a green vial, which I snatch and guzzle, accidentally swallowing the cork.

The world speeds up again, and I fall onto my back cuddling Castellum. I breathe in his doggy scent, relieved that we had survived.
A shadow passes over me, as a white wolf descends, having jumped over the wall. His fangs are bared, and I have just enough wherewithal to summon a giant stone spike, impaling it like some sort of macabre and giant roast. Blood leaks down, sprinkling us with it’s death fluids.

I pull Castellum and I closer to Asla while pulling out my old clothes. I use the shirt to help stop the flow of her blood from the gash, then summon a final stone wall, to cover this area and drop us into darkness.

Sleep comes surprisingly easily to me. There are two warm bodies to either side of me, the grass is very springy this deep into the forest, and… tomorrow I’ll… Umm… I gasp awake, feeling something is wrong. There’s no perceivable danger but I’m gasping for breathe. Something is very wrong.

Are we under attack? Or…. I realize sluggishly what’s going on. We’re suffocating. I labor to concentrate and control a beam of high powered water, cutting a quick and easy hole into the ceiling. Starlight greets me as it becomes slightly easier to breathe, I repeat the process a dozen times, twice on each wall, and four times on the ceiling.

The moment of danger passes and I fall back to sleep. That would have been an awful way to die…

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