Immersion 3.9

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We rush to Thorton, ignoring most of the trash mobs. I use earth wall to create smooth floor in front of us as we move, laying it flat so as to cover pitfalls, mud pits, and sometimes make bridges over antlion pits.

We make surprising progress, almost rivaling my speed when I’m alone. I attribute this to our familiarity with the route as well as my reckless use of mana. The journey is expediated even more by the platforms already made in the cliff face.

The sun is just starting to rise when we arrive in Thornton. I’m exhausted physically and mentally and I’m certain that Asla is as well.

The villagers greet us kindly, excited to see an adventurer. It kinda pisses me off to see their reaction when I compare it to their initial reaction to me, but I bite my tongue, as it seems to be soothing Asla. I leave her to chat with them and buy a half dozen antidotes and store them in my inventory, as well a full dozen potions. It took a substantial amount of money, at one gold and 50 silver, depleting the majority of my reserves, but I didn’t want to be put into that situation again.


It’s a relief to see smiling faces  again after the tragedy at Bestle and to just talk. Addle was a godsend, saving me and helping to look for survivors, but he was a rather dour man. Businesslike, focused. I know our situation is unusual, and we should be on guard, but we barely exchanged words as we traveled to Thorton. I just wanted to be hugged and told it would be alright.

I know he was capable of it from back at Bestle. I blush a little the memory of crying into his well formed chest. He was strong, that I was certain of. Making up my mind to follow him and solve the mystery of our entrapment together I come to, realize i had been quiet for several seconds, “Asla? I’m sorry if I offended you, I hadn’t realized perfume was a touchy subject for you” a young girl says apologetically.

I shake my head. “No no! I’m sorry i was preoccupied.” I see Addle walking toward me and apologize to the girl, sarah was her name I think. “I’ve got to go, but it was fun talking.” I place my hand on hers, and clasp it “I really needed it.”

Addle smiles at me and leads me to a house near the center of town. “This is the elder’s house. I think you should tell him what you saw.”

As we retell the tale to the elder I once again relive the horror. My mind starts to go blank and Addle takes over, massaging my shoulders from behind. That helps snap me back to reality as he finishes the story.

“If what you say is true we may be in grave danger. I’ll send a runner to the far reaches of our land where the Capitol lies, and request aid, but that will be many months in coming.” He hesitates a moment. “I don’t want to ask this of you Addle, with all you’ve done for us, but will you help defend the village of this creature comes?”

He pales greatly then declines the chief. ” I’m sorry sir, but the only thing any of us can do if we encounter it is to run. If there was anything I could do I wouldn’t hesitate.”

My eyebrows shoot up at that, surprised at how noble Addle looks right now. “I’m sorry to hear that Addle. I understand as well though.” He looks us up and down. ” You two should get some sleep, you look exhausted.” His eyes crinkle in the corner as he chuckles slightly. “I’m going to gather the villagers and form an evacuation plan.”

We head to an inn and chat about our experiences in Fuzion so far. As we head up to the room I blush slightly and whip around as i catch a faint sound that makes my hair stand on end. “Oh no…”.

It’s a scream.

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