Immersion 3.10

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I grab Asla’s hand, dragging her out of the Lucky Night Inn. In the space of time it takes us to leave there are no more screams, instead a silence of sorts has settled on the village.

I can hear our footsteps pounding against the wooden floorboards, as we flee. What I see upon exiting the inn makes my blood run cold. Boars surround Thorton, with tusks as long as a man is tall. They were enormous creatures, and ones I had never encountered in Fuzion before.

I’m unable to see their level, but just from seeing their appearance i knew that they would be no push overs.

“Those are the monsters that injured me.” Asla touches her stomach where the gash had been. ” They were much faster than me, the only thing that saved me is that it suddenly stopped chasing me, like it had reached a tether.”

Frowning I take a deep breath. “Asla… he let you go once, maybe he’ll let you go again.”

“I’ll restrain him, you should leave.” I know i have a very high chance of making it past the boar, but even if i did I wouldn’t be able to help her. They would easily resist my attacks and attempts to distract them. Struck by inspiration I press my palm against her solar plexus and try out a new spell. I use the sigils for [Reinforcement] [Air] [Imbue] the sigil for reinforcement alone takes an eighth of my available mana, with three sigils total the cost of every sigil is doubled twice, resulting in half my mana bar dissapearing to reinforcement, and another third being lost to the rest.  I have far too little mana remaining for my liking, but i gain a new skill [Enchanting]. Hopefully i survive long enough to find out what it does.

“Go!” I don’t look back, focusing on the minotaur slowly walking toward the village.

I rush forward, intent on buying time. I rapidly create walls in front of the monster with my remaining mana, causing stone to erupt from the ground like spines from a porcupine.

I hear a bitter laughter coming from beyond the walls. “Don’t stop me human! I’m doing god’s work here.” Boom after resounding boom can be heard coming from beyond the walls. Clearly they wouldn’t stop him for long, as the earth itself was quaking from his onslaught.

“Hurry everyone! Run!” He pointed toward the east and the lake. If they were lucky he wouldn’t follow them that far.

The villagers moved surprisingly quickly, despite the crying and the general feeling of fear stuck in the pit of everyone’s stomach.

The boars started to get antsy as the villagers raced toward them. As high level creatures they were unused to being ignored.

Waving their heads in frustration they started to charge the helpless villagers, resulting in the net surrounding the village disappearing. I quickly cast swamp, causing thee boars to fall or lose their balance, as i create a stone floor on top for the villagers to run upon. Like that we manage to make it to the lake just as the minotaur catches up. “RAAAAAAA!”

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One thought on “Immersion 3.10

  1. Me? I like to start my mornings off with a good serving of breakfast, a little stretching, and a jog accompanied by my best gut-eating friend the Minotaur 🙂 Thanks!


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