Week Long Hiatus

Imm 3.10
I apologize  but I need to take a break for a week to get my life back together.  I was recently involved in a hit and run,  I’m  fine, I wasn’t  in the car at the time,  but the driver sped off after hitting my car and causing over nine thousand dollars in damage.  Luckily I did have comprehensive insurance,  but the deductible is quite high.  :/ If he hadn’t  run my uninsured motorist policy would have kicked in,  but unfortunately  in California,  where I live,  and two other states they explicitly disallow uninsured motorist insurance from covering hit and runs. So while I figure out how I’m going to afford this I’m putting Fuzion Life on hiatus.  I’ll be back next Wednesday,  February  4th barring no further accidents.

Thank you  for your understanding,  and here’s a picture of my sad car just in case you were curious.

Feel free to re-read and theory craft  on what’s  about to happen here. I wonder if anyone will get close?


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