Immersion 3.11

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“BIIIIIE!!!!!” the minotaur roars.

I freeze. I’m not well known, my fame is quite low still because I haven’t left the village, but even then…

That’s my real name… I’m known as Addle here.

I can’t stop to think. To wonder why he knows me. If I had I don’t think I would have made it in time, as i create a giant pillar from the middle of the lakes depths to just below the surface. Then I pull out more stone to create a fake island, just barely big enough to hold the villagers.
With the very last of my mana and concentration i manage to forge a bridge, allowing us to run to the Island; as i collapse the bridge behind us.

At least that’s what i should have done. Instead I stand between the minotaur and the bridge, my balance centered, my stance wide, and my spear ready to accept his charge. “Who are you?”

The minotaur lets loose a throaty laugh as he comes to a stop in front of me, just inside of my spear’s range. “You don’t recognize me Robbie?” Mirth can barely be contained from his voice. I grow suspicious.

“Did you do this to us? Trap us here?”

“No Robbie, I came to save everyone.” A haunted look comes across his barbaric face.” Everyone that’s alive at least. Germany… Germany’s gone.”

My heart starts to pound in my chest. “What do you mean gone?” Tears start to well up in my eyes unbidden as my mind races. Did someone finally push the button? Unleashing nuclear war? Was there an asteroid? A giant earthquake?

“Stop imagining whatever it is you’re thinking about. It’s both worse and better than anything you could come up with.” He slams his ax down head first, leaning on the handle. The image is so familiar it strikes me suddenly like an arrow to the gut.


“I knew you’d figure it out!” He looks beyond me to the villagers. “They can wait for now, let me explain what happened and why I’m here”.


I chased after Robbie with all my strength, I had to keep him from hurting himself while he was wound up like this. Cathleen had quite stupidly deleted his Fuzion account, destroying what amounted to his second life, but that wasn’t a reason to lose his primary one. Just as we are about to exit an alley I see a large white van crash right in front of it. The back door clips Robbie as it flies open, sending him sprawling across the ground with a large gash across his head. A frightened man steps out as i rush to Robbie’s side.

“Please. Just go away. I… I don’t want to die yet!” He stammers, pointing a revolver at my head.

“What’s going on! Stay away from him!” I’m too afraid to stop him as he starts to drag Robbie to the van.

“Supernix won’t allow it. I’m sorry.” As he throws Robbie into the back of the van he receives a text and immediately starts to pale, “No…. but i did everything you asked!” He receives another message.

With that he closes his eyes. “Yes.” He says out loud, suddenly putting his gun to his head, and with but the slightest hesitation pulls the trigger.

The van suddenly roars to life and speeds away while I’m in a daze.

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Author’s Note: I’ve gotten the hit and run settled, I’m losing a lot of money, but shit happens. I would appreciate any and all votes on TopWebFiction.


5 thoughts on “Immersion 3.11

  1. Ok so now we are getting to the point of where we find out what is happening to the rest of the world. I wonder how much time has passed in the outside.

    Cool I guess his friend found him, hopefully he will explain why he is killing off the NPCs that makes since. Cause at the moment they are more real to ‘Addle’ as they are all he has interacted with for a few weeks/months.


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