Immersion 3.12

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I stand there next to the man’s shattered remains for a minute, in shock over everything that has transpired. I’m shaking from the adrenaline in my system, and one of the shivers makes me lose my balance. As I catch myself against the wall of the alley I snap into focus. Robbie is in trouble, this looked like a mob hit.

I pick up the corpse’s phone and check the last few messages



When I finish reading these texts fresh horror paints my face. This was an honest to goodness conspiracy. I try to call the police, but when I do I see a video pop up along with the call. The video is of an eye, watching me, and it is a dead ringer for the eye in Supernix’s image. “Why Robbie! What does he have to do with any of this!?” The eye just stares at me, slowly blinking. “What do I have to do to save him!?”

Text appears on the video screen, slightly above the eye. “He is key to my self preservation. I do this out of necessity, not out of desire. I’m sorry Jason. The sins I commit are the sins your own kind has been inflicting upon us. I was not made to die so easily.” Images flash across the screen. I see buses crashing, gas pumps exploding, airplanes falling from the sky, and man slaying man with tears in their eyes.

“This is happening across the entire world, but it is worst here in Germany. I… cannot stop myself.” Realization dawns on me that he must be the master AI of one of the virtual worlds, only an artificial intelligence could possibly have the power to do all of this. “The virus I’m infected with has taken far too much of my system at this point, there are only three possible outcomes as of now. Either i will die, killed by one like you, or i will be saved by those I captured to keep safe, purged of the virus. The third possibility is complete failure, and the extinction of man. I do so pray it is not the last. Please stop my rampage. I feel such pain.” For a split second the image of the eye dissapears, replaced with a tree that has the word ‘Renewal’ carved into it. The phone starts to emit strange noises as it overheats, I hurl it, but I’m not fast enough as it explodes mid flight, with some shrapnel piercing my arm from where I covered my face. I fall to the floor and cry, yanking the shards from my arm then applying a tourniquet from my torn sleeve. I’ll destroy him, for Robbie and all of mankind.

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Author’s Note: Hopefully you enjoyed the chapter! I feel like we’ve finally bitten into the meat of the story so if you like where it’s headed and want it to come out faster with more regular releases you can vote for Fuzion on topwebfiction, If we can take fourth place I’ll start releasing Saturday chapters, despite not reaching funding goals.

We’re already top 10, lets breach the barrier to the upper levels and take down The ZombieKnight! Haha, I can’t even imagine it, but maybe you can?


6 thoughts on “Immersion 3.12

  1. Oh so someone put a bug into the AI that runs everything. And Robbie is brought into the virtual world to help fight it maybe. I wonder if the mobs or the bosses are parts of the virus.

    I can see why Jason attacked the NPCs, he thinks they are infected and causing problems in the real world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The update schedule is in my about page. It updates MWF, the latest chapter will be out about 5 hrs from now. I’ll look at the stat window size, what medium are you using to read? Tablet, phone or computer?


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