Immersion 3.13

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I fought my way through panicked streets filled with people crying, looting, and killing one another. Blood flowed freely down storm drains like a light rain had just struck the city of Munich, coalescing into bloody streams.

Cars lay abandoned in the streets, electricity crackled around them as their batteries went haywire, igniting the air around them as they produced ozone. Burnt corpses were inside them where the victims hadn’t had enough warning to leave.
Many people were wounded from what looked like either shrapnel or burns; nearly every electronic device they owned had been used to terrify or harm them. Supernix truly was going for the throat, and trying to eradicate all resistance before it was ever mounted.

I nearly gave up then, convinced that we were doomed if we attempted to fight back, but I continued on. After a few hours, and many such scenes later I arrive at my destination.

It’s a nondescrepit building, low to the ground and made out of gray concrete. The building was situated in the business section of town, in between a machinist shop and an autobody shop. The front of the building has no windows, and a large single door with an electronic terminal that takes both a keycard and password to open. I bang on the door, hoping against hope that the people inside were safe. That there was a chance to fix this. I wait several minutes and then my legs lose their strength as i came to terms with my defeat.

I cry without restraint, for Robbie, for our class mates, for the future. Snot and tears obscure my vision as I sit there. Who knows how long I would have stayed there, but just at that moment I felt a shoulder clasp my shoulder. “We’ll fix this Jason. The architects were here for other reasons, and as long as we have them, we have a chance to right this.” I look up and see Kira standing above me. “The Maeusoleum is intact.”

The doors are open now, and the inside of the building is far more noteworthy. The door did not swing in or out, but instead retracted into a niche in the wall. The wall that was actually several yards thick, with a vault door open just past the earlier door. As we cleared the doors and resecured them a Lazer suddenly scanned us, and a warning bell sounded. “Please place your phone into the receptacle in front of you. It will be destroyed through a severe jolt of electromagnetic energy. Failure to comply with immediate force, up to and including lethal.” I’m shocked by the changes to our school, but glad all the same. After all, we were the best so the likelihood of any protocols designed by us failing was minimal at best.

I place my phone into the container in front of me and watch as it retracts into a wall. A brief glow can be seen and then a bell chimes after we’re scanned again. ” You’ve been cleared to enter the Maeusoleum Jason. May god help us for what we’ve unleashed upon the world.” Kira and I step forward, to the only remaining feature in the room. Stairs leading down into the Earth.

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Author’s note: So we’re almost 8th place at TopWebFiction, let’s keep up the pressure, and make it to fourth!


3 thoughts on “Immersion 3.13

  1. Surprisingly good. I loved the story so far, the fact that Robbie, is a part of a plan to save the AI and the world makes it worth the wait. If the virus is manifesting itself as monsters, I would think the NPCs are the AI and the protectors of NPCs are antivirus of sorts.

    No wonder his power ups are so convenient and strong. Now the question is, will Jason listen to reason? If he decides to turn a new leaf and come over to the good, will he forgive himself for going insane and Will Robbie accept a friend who is so easily swayed into wrongdoing. It’s a very precarious position. I say killing Jason may the only way out. Who knows if we will see another twist?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I greatly appreciate the thought that went into this comment, for obvious reasons I won’t say whether or not you’re right, but I can certainly say that those are feasible possibilities. I think tomorrow’s chapter will answer some questions, but probably raise just as many.


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