Immersion 3.15

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Kira explained to me how the Architects had created a master program, that should be able to delete anything it comes into contact with. It has the highest level passcodes they knew of, that should put it a step above the AI’s own authority. As we prepared ourselves to go under the earth, that’s an ironic term that some Advancer came up with  for going into Virtual Reality as the koffins at the Mausoleum descend into the ground when in use to help prevent outside interference,  Kira grabbed my arm and looked into my eyes. “I need to know that you are willing to do anything to save humanity Jason.” She pauses for effect. “Even kill.”

I shut my eyes. Tension rolls through my body as i have difficulty breathing; all while an intense feeling builds in my gut. I get queasy as I come to an uncomfortable conclusion. “I can. For humanity.” My eyes grow moist with those words as i steel myself. Slowly I calm down, my heartbeat slows. I’m not 22; anymore that is. My body may look it, my hormones may get the better of me at times, but I’ve lived for the better half of a century, even if it was in Virtual Reality. I’ve seen the grim realities of human evil, the selflessness some men and women were capable of, and witnessed what happens when the stupid reign over the ignorant.

I pull away from Kira and started stripping down. Silence reigns for a minute as I finally start to lay inside the Koffin.

“We’re a flawed species, but we don’t deserve this. Especially not before we fix what we wrought. I’ll do whatever is necessary Kira.”

I imagine Kira smiled at that, but there really was no way to know. At that moment I was already enveloped in the koffin, and I sucked in an uncomfortable breathe as the feeding tube attached to my nutrient hatch. The top of the koffin closed as I sank deeply into unconciousness…

And awake inside a military barracks. My fatigues are pressed and perfectly fitting. My form is a complete replica of my own body so there is no adjustment period.

I try walking and find it to be quite natural. As I leave the barracks I see a large gravel road surrounding the cluster of buildings where I am, and off in the distance in the trees I recognize the distinct ring of steel striking steel.

Kira comes running out of the trees with a longsword banging against her hip as it was just thrust through her belt. “Jason! Come meet our instructor!” She excitedly pulls me along past the road and back into the trees. What I see literally leaves me speechless.

I seriously can’t describe it any other way except that YODA was training soldiers in how to use melee weaponry. I don’t mean he looked like Yoda or he was similar or even just small. What I mean is robe and all, with a bloody lightsaber in his hand, straight from the movies Yoda was there leaping around fighting the soldiers while giving out critique.

Overall the soldiers were giving a poor show of themselves, as they were being mercilessly beaten by his lighsaber which apparently was more like a soft rod than a weapon of destruction.

By far the most disturbing thing for me however was his voice. He was so perfectly replicated here I felt his voice must be the same. But that’s far from the case. “Pay attention maggots!”

“Do you enjoy getting beat with my pretty green dildo that much!?”

“Raise your sword higher soldier.”
“Deflect don’t block.”

Eventually all the soldiers were on the ground panting and groaning. Yoda ( I can’t think of him by any other name) walked over to me. “Welcome to basic training soldier. In case you haven’t heard, which i doubt with how secretive these people are , I’m your instructor, Adoy.”

My jaw drops while my eyebrow starts to twitch.

“I’m just kidding of course.” he chuckles softly, which does NOT look right coming from a green midget alien. “My codename is Durandel, I’m the next generation AI in charge of showing you how to use the program Ragnarok.” He lifts his hand and a sword comes careening toward him, Durandel catches the sword with the same hand and is pushed over, head smashing against the ground. “Sorry sorry, I forgot about the whole mass times acceleration equals force thing haha!”

I catch the sword as he jumps onto his feet and tosses it to me. “Lets get training!”

“Sir! Yes! Sir!”
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