Immersion 3.16

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“After I finished basic training I was assigned an old avatar kept in storage. My old one lacked the power I needed to fight the AI’s armies, and any attempt to create a new avatar or ‘hack’ one resulted in failure. Jason paused for dramatic effect. “Join me Robbie, help me destroy Supernix so that we may avenge those who died.”

I look at him with sadness welling in my chest. “Jason. I can’t do it. When I was first trapped here I held out hope that I would be rescued. It was my most fervent wish, but no matter how long I waited no rescue came. I chose to embrace this as reality, and I’ve come to believe that their lives are real, they matter no less than you or I.”

“You’re not wrong Robbie. When Supernix was infected he split off portions of his consciousness and infected the NPC’s, seeding them with true intelligence, just to a much lesser degree than Supernix originally had. That’s the reason we’re killing them. We have to harm Supernix as much as possible before his infected core manages to re-absorb the bit’s of consciousness hidden away inside the NPC’s. The most effective way is to simply kill the NPC’s before he can.” He looks mildly ashamed for a moment.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be the same after this, but you know it has to be done. You of all people know why. The right thing to do isn’t always easy, otherwise everyone would do it.”

“Don’t do this Jason, I won’t allow you to kill them for no reason. Destroy the core, reverse the virus, but don’t do this.”

Jason stops leaning on his war ax and stares at me. “I hoped for better from you Robbie. This should free you from Fuzion, but I’m not really  sure how it works, so don’t blame me if you die.” He pulls out a stupidly large gem from his inventory, it barely fits inside his over-sized Minotaur hands. The gem glows blue and pulsates brightly every couple seconds. He pushes it onto his ax and the red glow around it turns blue, and becomes sharper, more real, as the stone disappears.

I ready my spear and leap back backwards, drawing the sigils for [Stone] and [Pillar]. A limestone pillar erupts from the ground, quickly rising and bringing me over 8 feet in the air. Jason snorts. “Parlor tricks. A geomancer has no hope of defeating me Robbie.”

“Let’s see about that.” I channel addition mana into my core as I draw the stone pillar spell again, but this time added the sigil [Garden]. In general it’s a rather useless sigil, as it adds an element of randomness to a spell, which makes it hard to visualize, and consequently cast. I made one last modification to the spell as I release it, adding [Maze].

I see my entire mana pool empty as the spell takes shape. A throng of pillars erupt from the ground in random directions and angles, From where I stand on top of my maze I can clearly Jason in the center of a maze over a hundred yards long in every direction.

“How do you enjoy my present?”

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Author’s Note:


I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s day, I quite enjoyed spending it with my girlfriend. It also helps that it was also my birthday .>=)


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