Rough Draft of 3.17

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“Hahaha! You would put a Minotaur in a maze. Unfortunately for you these pillars mean nothing to me Robbie!” Jason smashes his fist against a pillar, and just as he does a new window appears in the sky, not in the usual place near our eyes.

From the way the villagers and Jason are looking at the sky, it seems to be visible to everyone

[Event started: The Labyrinth: A Labyrinth has appeared and is restraining a powerful monster. So long as the event is active the Labyrinth is considered invincible. It cannot be changed, it cannot be damaged, and it cannot be escaped. The event ends if either the creature, or the creator of the Labyrinth is killed ]

[For recreating the epic of the Minotaur Addle will temporarily gain the Vorpal quality, allowing that specific weapon to ignore all defense. This property will remain until the end of the event.]

[Access restricted] The last window appeared as I was pushed off the pillar, I twisted around to see that there was now a roof to the maze as I hit the ground. This was unexpected, but welcome. The probability of being able to win went up from an abysmal 0% to something almost equally as bad, but at least now there was hope. I dust myself off as I try to listen for Jason. This was a battle of wits and stealth.

Unsurprisingly Jason realized this too and has been attempting to muffle his footsteps, however as he was an enormous eight foot Minotaur of doom with an ax made of enough iron to arm a small squad of knights this wasn’t entirely effective. I start stalking toward the noise as I note the direction the sound is coming from. I wait for him to start to round the corner and I lean forward, thrusting Addle along with me.

Addle punches through the gut of Jason and I see his blood start to pour out as he roars in rage. I quickly and without reservation begin to teleport past him and down the new corridor. I feel a large gust of wind behind me as I look back and see the ax rebound off the Labyrinth wall. Unsurprisingly it made the earth itself begin to shake, as it nearly killed me in a single hit.  The maze is completely unaffected however, which is a good sign, as I expect this will take awhile.  I have to find another way to do this, as my attack did a miserly 1% damage to his health. My luck wouldn’t hold out that long, and sooner or later he would grow accustomed to my sneak that exact moment I came up with an amazing idea. Who said all the  walls had to be invincible. I flee a fair distance away, leaving the awkwardly charging Minotaur in the dust as i create false walls ( as my mana allowed, it was still relatively low, however my prodigious regeneration rate more than will allow me to keep using such a simple spell), any of which i could hide behind or in. After all, my strongest asset right now wasn’t my spear. It was my brain.

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Authors note: Sorry for the late chapter guys, I’m apartment hunting and got caught up. You’ll notice this chapter has “Rough Draft” in the title, it’s the complete chapter, just missing the graphics i would generally add to give it the finished look.  As always, votes at TopWebFiction would be appreciated -KnightSavant


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