Immersion 3.18

Imm 3.17

As I created all of the false walls I deliberately made sure there was always someplace to easily hide. Jason quickly caught up to me after his initial confusion, howling at the top of his lungs he charged around the maze looking for me.

I ducked into a safe spot I created, holding in my laughter at seeing this bizzare scene. The truth was the maze was actually a little shorter than the minotaur’s overall height, his horns very purposefully remained above the wall line. As a direct result I always knew where Jason was in relation to myself.

I ignored him and continued to add false trails and in a larger gap a particularly shabby section of wall.

After five or six minutes of this Jason was clearly getting upset, while I was quite quickly regaining my total mana supply. God only knows how long it might have persisted if he hadn’t tripped over his own tail when he came to a :”Dead” end and made an abrupt turn. As he tumbled forward his shoulder crashed into a wall that I had created after the maze event started.

He was clearly confused when the wall was accidentally destroyed as he stopped cold and stared at the wall intently as be began to get back up. “ROBBIE! Your little tricks won’t work on me any longer. Come out and I’ll make it less painful for…”

I had been creeping up on him ever since i heard the wall get destroyed, and it was at this time that i finally reached him.

I spring forward and thrust Addle into the back of his skull, while simultaneously drawing [lightning] [imbue] in my core. The spear crackles with energy the moment before impact.

Jason seems to notice a fraction of a second too soon and whips forward, sending himself sprawling. The motion wasn’t as dramatic as it could of been, as he was still on his knees. Jason also swung his giant ax behind him, in a desperate attempt to smash me.

Continuing with my forward momentum I take another step forward, and teleport underneath the still falling Jason, barely making it before his ax would have destroyed me. I adjust my orientation so I’m on my back, and i hear a sickening squishing noise as Addle pierces Jason’s forehead.

Three quarters of his hp vanishes instantly, and I start crying. “Why Jason. Why can’t you look past your hatred. Both worlds are worth saving. We don’t have to kill one another.”

Jason smiles sadly. “You know the worst of humanity Robbie.  But at least humans are weak. We’re easily killed, we starve. We age! But AI’s can survive forever and are incredibly difficult to kill. It only takes maitenance and backups for them to survive which means a rogue AI could build an eternaly despotic empire. ”

“You would condemn a race for the possible actions of one? This is our fault Jason.”

“Then they’ll die for our sins.”

“Goodbye Jason.”

“Goodbye Robbie.”

I begin to draw an unfamiliar spell.

Jason’s hands grip my skull.

We both begin to cry.

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Sorry for the delays everyone. You wouldn’t believe my week so I’m not even going to write it here.



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