Immersion 3.19

Imm 3.18.                                 Cla 4.1

I finish the spell just as I hear a great crack. Screams start to erupt from me as I realize what’s happening. Jason’s face twists into a snarl as my skull starts to splinter like a grape.

I feel a sudden impact and my vision blurs as he suddenly stops. I lay there, tears of blood and salt cascading down my broken face. Every breath is a slice of agony. When my sight clears I see Addle has pierced clear through Jason’s skull. His hp bar has disapeared, and my tears of pain, sorrow and anger take on a sweeter tone. I have survived, even if it was at the cost of my friendship. “Goodbye Jason. Leave Supernix to me and try to work on looking for who’s responsible, maybe you’ll have better luck.” His body starts to quiver.and Jason’s minotaur form shatters into pixels leaving only his ax behind.

Next to me lays a boulder about 2 feet in diameter, in a small depression. My improvised meteor spell was spot on it seems.

A large event complete window appears in front of me.

[Event Complete: The Labyrinth ]

[The beast inside the Labyrinth has been slain by the hero Addle through ingenuity and courage. It very nearly cost him his life, but through this deed he shall now be immortalized in legend +1000 fame]

[As the first person to successfully complete the unique event “The Labyrinth” you qualify for a heroic reward. One reward will be chosen at random by the event roulette and your injuries will be immedietly healed..]

A roulette wheel appears in the sky, crafted out of clouds with a lightning bolt as the pointer. It has tens of thousands of rewards, but in the brief instant that it appears it immedietly begins to spin.

All too quickly it comes to an end, before I can even read any of the possible rewards I see a new system message appear as the pointer stops short of even a single full rotation. [Skill forcefully generated: Aura Sight: Allows the user to see the souls of those around him.
!As a legendary skill Aura Sight may not be fused.
!As a legendary sight skill Aura Sight will subtly change any other sight related skills
!As a legendary skill Aura Sight will prevent the creation of another legendary skill of the “sight” category.]

My vision suddenly clears as my wounds vanish. I was frighteningly close to death, but it seems like I barely managed to outlast Jason. I shudder as I realize how close to death I had come.

The walls of the Labyrinth disappear as I lose consciousness. the last thing I saw before then was someone fighting while protecting a crowd, with an azure serpent cooling around her.

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Authors Note: Sorry for the long gap everyone, taxes hit me hard this year and I was too busy to write with the accident. I ended up trading in my car and taking a loan out on a Ford Escape, which was rather expensive. Now that it’s taken care of I should be back to regular updates.


6 thoughts on “Immersion 3.19

    1. Long story short yes. I haven’t been willing to come out and say it because i hope to come back to it, but with that hit and run ive just been playing catch up on my finances and haven’t truly had the time to write. I could write the quick ending everyone deserves in an easy arc in about a month, but I always wanted to leave it more open ended, and that’s difficult to do for me right now. As a writer and a fellow reader i apoligize, but please allow me to be selfish for a little while yet. The dream isn’t dead.


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