Advancer: A person who has spent the majority of their life inside a Koffin. Colloquially it refers to the elite who are raised from birth by the government, to pioneer advances and save the world.

Fuzion: A virtual reality world in the fantasy genre . It’s unique qualities include the ability to fuse skills together to create infinitely unique combinations; alongside the traditional skill generation formula.

Imprinting: The act of acquiring abilities that go beyond human in virtual reality. It’s initially quite painful and debilitating  but as the AI that governs each VR world refines the process it becomes less and less noticeable.

Koffin: A full body box you lower yourself into, much like a coffin, to engage Virtual Reality. Has abilitity to regulate nutrition and fluids.

PEAT: Primary Educational Assistance Teacher ; a personal AI in charge of Advancer education.

Skills: Machine assistance or forced knowledge and powers that go beyond being human.


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