My reading list

I do not own or benefit from any of these stories. These are just works of art I am currently enjoying and would love to share with everyone.

End Online : by D. Wolfin

A great gem in the VR genre. If you enjoyed LMS, Ark, or FuzionLife then you’ll love this one.

Pact : by Wildbow

A great paranormal series with a unique take on modern magic. Many surprises will ensue.Very dark. [Updated extremely regularly,  with a ton of content]

Worm : by Wildbow

A very interesting take on super heroes, with one of the most dynamic and troubled protagonist I’ve  ever seen. Extremely dark. [Finished]

The Zombie Knight : by George M. Frost

An absurdly interesting alternate world where death isn’t  always the end, but sometimes the begining of something greater. What would you do with a second chance? Exceedingly graphic [updated nearly daily]

Mother of Learning: by nobody103

Perhaps my favorite online novel of all, marred only by what feels like excruciatingly long waits between updates, sometimes more than a month. That being said this story is about time travel, it’s  implications, and a world dominated by magic.


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